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Windows Mobile app models

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Some WVGA models will only work with the VGA Waze client{{Notice|MsgID=ManualOnHC|answer=Confirmed working==* Acer N101* HP Hx4700 Windows Mobile 6.5 (Custom ROM) Pocket PC* HTC Fuze* HTC Tilt* HTC Touch Diamond* HTC Touch Diamond 2* HTC Imagio* HTC MDA* HTC Mogul PPC-6800* HTC Pure* HTC Snap* HTC Titan* HTC TyTN II* HTC Touch Pro* HTC Touch Pro 2* i8000* i900* i910* LG Incite* Motorola MotoQ9* Omnia* Omnia II* Samsung Epix i907* Samsung Jack* Samsung Omnia HD* Samsung Propel Pro* SE Xperia X16071125}}
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