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Added some clarity and another change counter/edit example
Giving unnamed segments a street name in that operation might get you more points in some cases. Allowing/forbidding a turn counts as a change in the node of the turn, so all changes in the same node will be granted only once.
Editing the same object multiple times in a single 24 hour period will only result in one point edit for that object in that period. The changes will be saved and made to the map, but not your total scorewill not increase with those additional edits within a 24-hour period. Also, when saving a large number of changes at once, the system will not credit you with more than 150 point per save. If you have more than 150 changes stored up before you save, they will attempt to save and update the map, but you only get up to 150 edit points.
===What's the Difference Between a Change and an Edit?===
In the first example, those 10 segments changed all at once will get you credit for 10 edits. In the second example, those 10 changes will get you credit for 1 edit. In the first, you changed 10 different objects. In the second, you changed only a single object.
As a final, extreme example: if you update an existing long segment, give it a new name, change the city, change the road type, the direction, the lock level and elevation, then adjust the location of 100+ geometry points, the save counter may show 160 changes. When you save, that is counted as a single edit to that segment. Other extreme: if you select 200 segments in a city and change them all from Private Rd to Parking Lot, the Save counter will show 1 change. However, when you save you will credited with 150 edits. (150 is the max per save.)
For those more interested in the details behind the calculations you can review [ this forum thread]. Additional changes made to the point system are noted in [ this later forum thread].