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Waze ranks: Added Forum badges
=== Waze Champs ===
Waze Champs are fellow Wazers like everyone else, but they are generally very experienced using Waze and active in the forums with moderator privileges. Most forum questions are answered by these users as they give their time freely to the Waze community. They are selected by Waze developers and are generally in closer direct communication with the Waze development team. This group also includes the Wazers who attended the Meet Up in Paris, France, in November 2011 and Palo Alto, California, in January 2012. The Waze Champ status only appears in the forums as part of the user's profile history when they post a message. If for any reason you have a question you don't feel comfortable asking in the [ main forums], you can send a [[Private_message|Private Message]] (PM) to a Waze Champ who will be happy to answer your question.
=== Forum badges ===
The [ Waze forums] use badges to indicate group membership for Waze editors. Some editors may belong to multiple groups, but only one badge can be displayed. Each Waze editor who has more than one badge can select which badge to display in their forum posts.
{| class="wikitable unsortable" border="1"
| colspan="3" rowspan="1" style="text-align: center;" | '''Forum Badges'''
|- style="background:#FFFFFF; color:black"
| [[File:Badge_GlobalChamp.png]] || Global Champ ||
| [[File:Badge_LocalChamp.png]] || Local Champ ||
| [[File:Badge_CountryManager.png]] || Country Manager ||
| [[File:Badge_AreaManager.png]] || Area Manager ||
| [[File:Badge_Expert.png]] || Expert ||
| [[File:Badge_BetaTester.png]] || Beta Tester ||
| [[File:Badge_Management.png]] || Management ||
| [[File:Badge_WazeStaffAdmin.png]] || Waze Staff Administrator || Waze employees that manage and interface with Waze editors and users.