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Forest Service Roads

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USFS to Waze Classification Mapping
The key point of the USFS's Travel Management Rule is that motor vehicle use on National Forest System Lands is restricted to designated routes which are shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs). <b>All routes not on the MVUMs should be marked as private. We will want to map most other roads not on the MVUMs because this may help those lost on USFS roads to navigate out of the area.</b>
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Note that Levels 5 and 3 may have ambiguity for Waze Editors. This is because there may be large variability in local interpretation of the road type that is important to Wazers. In rural or some western states, some the very same type of USFS road may be best marked as a Minor Highway or Primary Street whereas in urban areas, they may be interpreted best as streets. Here are some suggestions.