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Forest Service Roads

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Functional Classification
|style="text-align:center;" |5
|style="text-align:center;" |Highway
|style="text-align:center;" |High traffic and speeds, usually paved, double lane, arterial or collector, typically connected to state and county roads. There are few of these roads in the inventory.
|style="text-align:center;" |Minor Highway,<br>Primary Street,<br>or Street
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
1 = closed
2 = unpaved (the broadest category that starts with a trail vehicles made to something more substantial)
3 = passenger vehicle (something a regular non-4x4 could travel, paved or unpaved)
4 = paved (I don’t yet understand the overlap of this with level 3)
5 = highway (none or few of these exist in their inventory)
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