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What's the Difference Between a Change and an Edit?
===What's the Difference Between a Change and an Edit?===
A change in In the map editor , any change is counted by the counter on the Save icon in the editor. A change is not equivalent to an edit. A change is an undo-able action. For example, if you select 10 segments which need their city changed, once you tap Apply, the change counter will increase by one. Why? Because you made one single, undo-able change. If you change one segment by aligning 10 geometry points around a curve, each time you drag and drop a geometry point, that is a change and the change counter will increase, increases because you can undo each of those these actions.
In the first example, those 10 segments changed all at once will get you credit for 10 edits. In the second example, those 10 changes will get you credit for 1 edit. In the first, you changed 10 different objects. In the second, you changed only a single object.
For those more interested in the details behind the calculations you can review [ this forum thread]. Also additional Additional changes were made to the point system are noted in [ this later forum thread].
===The Table of Points===