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<big>'''Complete Guide to Waze in the USA'''</big> (Under Development)
This page is also available in [[USA (Spanish)|Spanish]]
 '''Complete Guide to ==[[waze:About|About Waze in the USA (Under Development)''']]====[[Getting Started]]====[[Help Improve Waze is a free turn-by-turn GPS navigation application with verbal instructions, free map updates and real-time traffic updates. ]]=====[[Social networkingMap Editing]] and ======[[gaming elementsArea Manager]] are optional features.==={| border="1"|- valign="top"| style="background:#ccffcc" |'''Getting Started'''{{Getting Started}}| style[[Use your language skills]]="background:#ffffcc;" |'''Languages and Countries'''{{Languages and Countries}}|- valign="top"| style="background:#ccffff;" | '''How You Can Help'''{{How You Can Help}}| colspan="2" style="background:#ffcccc;" |'''[[Problems, bugs and limitations'''{{Problems, bugs and limitations}}Issues]]==|- valign="top"| style="background:#ccccff;" | '''[[Development plans and priorities'''Plans]]=={{Development plans and priorities}}| style="background:#ffccff;" | '''=[[Technical'''{{Technical}}|}Information]]==