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When to Create a Roundabout
In the author's editing and driving experience, once you learn [[Creating and Editing a roundabout|how to create a roundabout]], it is '''always''' the right time to replace an ''ad hoc'' traffic circle (built from regular road segments) with a proper roundabout. The voice cues produced by an ad-hoc circle can be terribly misleading, and the client display almost always looks unprofessionally sloppy. Replacing this with a roundabout is an instant, orders-of-magnitude improvement on both counts.
'''Note that a :''' ''A roundabout should never be used in place of an end-node on dead-end or cul-de-sac streetsstreet.'' See: [[Junction_Style_Guide#Cul-de-sacs|Junction Style Guide]]
=== Locking Segments ===