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Tips for using GIS Maps
*For maps hosted with WG Xtreme, using the "Advanced Map" tab, you can turn off plot labels to clear up street names (if they are in the way of road names)
== Speed / Red Light Cameras ==
=== Legal status ===
*Speed Cameras are '''''NOT CURRENTLY LEGAL''''' in the State of Wisconsin.
*There is no prohibition on red light cameras. However, according to the [ IIHS], there aren't any in Wisconsin. (I have seen that Milwaukee may have some red light cameras, hopefully a local person can update this to verify or disprove)
=== Things that are not cameras: ===
The following is a list of things that are not considered to be cameras for the purposes of map editing in Waze. These devices '''''CAN NOT''''' issue tickets.
*Driver feedback signs
:Radar/laser equipped signs that measure speed and display it back to the driver. These can be fixed or trailer mounted (with the later being much more prevalent).
*Cameras mounted on traffic signals
:Are used as part of the signal control. These compare sequential images of the intersection approach to determine if there is a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) waiting, and will trigger the sequence.
*Traditional traffic monitoring cameras
:These cover most of the major highways in the state. These send live video to WisDOT & local media and serve '''''only''''' as a traffic monitoring system.
[[Cameras#Know your Cameras|How to Identify Cameras]].
== Area Managers ==