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Understanding navigation instructions
*Each time you approach a roundabout from one of the three nodes, an imaginary X-Y axis is drawn: ''(1)'' with the origin at the central node and ''(2)'' aligned to the entrance node.
*'''Coming from node #1, this is how we see the roundabout:'''[[Image:Roundabout_4.jpg|right]]<br/>:*Both exits 2 and 3 are within the normal range (90&deg; &plusmn;30&#176; & 180&deg; &plusmn;30&deg;).<br/>:*''Both of them exits will get an instruction to ‘turn right’ or ‘continue straight’.''<br clear="all" />*'''Coming from node #3, this is how we see the roundabout:'''[[Image:Roundabout_5.jpg|right]]<br/>:*Both exits 1 and 2 are not within the ‘normal’ range – both will get a ‘take the X exit’. <br/>:*'''''Note:''' even if one of these exits was within normal range, the roundabout itself will be ‘non-normal’ and all exits will get the ‘take the X exit’ prompt. The entire roundabout must be normal.''<br clear="all" />