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Creating and editing road segments

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Adjusting road geometry (nodes)
Adjusting road geometry is changing the shape or the way a road segment looks. You need to do this for roads after they are realigned in real life, or perhaps a whole area is in the wrong place because the basemap import has the roads in the wrong place.
The instructions here, while written initially for editing an existing road segment, also apply to a new road segment you just created it, but have not yet saved it. The editor treats them the same.
[[Image:Adjust_geometry_1.png|320px|right]] To start adjusting the geometry of a segment, ''click'' on it. As it is highlighted, when you hover over the segment, geometry nodes (black squares) and internodes (white circles) will display along the segment. Both of these are draggable so that you can reposition them wherever you need. When you drag an internode from its default position half-way between two nodes, it will turn into a node.