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Multiple: iOS MEP goes live
=== Multiple ===
[[File:MEPRoute.jpg|right|200px]][[File:MEPCard.jpg|right|200px]]{{Mbox|type=important|text={{As of|Beginning in June 2019}} multiple entry points can could be added to area places. However, {{As of|February 2020}} they are only used in the iOS (Apple) version of the Waze app, and not used in by the production Android app. Production Android users are routed only to the originally created entry point.}} Multiple entry points can be added to area places only. When navigating to a place with multiple entry points, the Waze app brings users to ''whichever entry point provides the optimal route'', which is often but not necessarily the closest entry point to the user. The entry point being used is shown in the app on a card as part of the route summary.
The end flag (black & white checkered pin at the end of a route) and the location flag (red pin displayed in the place information tab in the app) always display at the first entry point that was created, whether or not it has the Main box checked. It is also the location used in routing during situations for which multiple entry points are not yet enabled (see [[#Limitations|below]]). Checking the Main box on a different entry point moves it to the top of the list but has no known effect in the app.
Up to 20 entry points can be added for each area place.
{{As of|June 2019February 2020}}, a specific entry point cannot be chosenin the Android version of the app, whether main or otherwise; only the optimal entry point for navigation is used. Multiple entry points also do not work correctly in the following situations:
* Add a stop
* Plan a drive