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Red Light Cameras
{{Anchor|Red-Light Cameras in Texas}}
== Red Light Cameras ==
While Texas has allowed red-light cameras in the past, recent legislation has been signed banning them. Some cities have been given special dispensation due to contract expiration dates, but most cities are required to disable and/or remove red-light cameras by September 1, 2019.
The following cities are currently known to have contracts that extend past the state mandated date.
{| class="wikitable"
! City
! County
! Expected Expiration
| Amarillo
| Potter, Randall
| 2022
| Balcones Heights
| Bexar
| 2034
| Humble
| Harris
| 2024
| Leon Valley
| Bexar
| 2038
Editors are encouraged to investigate whether the cameras in the areas in which they edit are still active. If the cameras are no longer active, they may be deleted from the map.
Remember that red-light cameras do not [[Map_tiles#Non-trigger_edits|trigger an update]] automatically.
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== Active Editors in Texas ==