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Entry point {{Anchor|Setting the stop point for a Place}}: Waze team advises entry point for every RPP
An entry point is added by selecting the place and clicking "Add point" under ENTRY POINTS. An [[File:WME_Stop_Point_2018.png]] icon will to appear on top of the point or at the centroid of the area place and can then be moved into position. [[File:Stop_point_dashed_line_2019.JPG|thumb|Entry point distance limit]]. A dashed black line boundary box will show the limit for where the entry point can be placed.
=== Best practice ===
* When used, Never use more than one entry point. Read more about [[#Testing multiple entry points|testing the multiple entry point feature]] below.* Any entry point should be placed very close to the point on a street segment where a car would stop to bring someone to the place.<!--[[File:WME AreaPlace w Stop Point 2018.png|thumb|left|300px|WME AreaPlace w Stop Point 2018.png|A large park with an entry road on the east side, ]] [[File:WME AreaPlace Zoomed w Stop Point 2018.png|thumb|right|300px|WME AreaPlace Zoomed w Stop Point 2018.png|close-up view of entry point position]] {{clear}}-->* For a public point place, '''an entry point is optional'''.* For a residential point place '''[[#Creation|always use an entry point]]'''. With no entry point, drives to that RPP could end on the closest segment with the same street name. Waze team advises us to always add an entry point to an RPP.* For an area place '''always create one and only one entry point'''. Choose the "best stopping point" for someone driving to the place. With no entry point, drives to that area place will end on the segment closest to the area's centroid.
**If additional stop points for the place are required, use [[#Area-point_combinations|Area-point combinations]] .
**An entry point name is optional
Where multiple entry points are used for testing purpose
* There should be a nearby map comment describing the test. Any editor can consult the editor responsible for the test and create a map comment.
* Before making any changes to a place involved in multiple entry point testing, contact the editor conducting the testing.
* The earliest-created entry point (the first one created, unless it was later deleted) must be the "best default" destination - the main entrance, the visitor center, etc.
** If there is a "main" entry point, uncheck the main designation. The earliest-created point will be at the top of the list. Make sure the earliest-created point is the "best default" destination. Then re-check the main designation on the appropriate entry point.
* If additional destination points are needed for use in the production app, [[#Area-point_combinations|Area-point combinations]] may be used.
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