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## Click the '''Save''' button in the upper right corner of the grey toolbar
# Make sure a nearby segment has the '''exact same''' street and city name combination either as a primary name or an alternate name.
# If an existing saved house number's (HN) anchor position is >50 m away from the proposed position of a new RPP triangle, then the RPP will not save. Delete the HN and wait until the HN database updates (generally at least two [[Map tiles#Updates|tile updates]]) to retry saving this as an RPP. The proposed RPP can either be saved in the correct location as a point place (with name added, should be converted to RPP after HN update) or as an RPP within 50 m of the HN anchor location (should be moved to correct location after the HN update) with an entry point moved to the correct location. A [[map comment]] should be added here to both remind editors to fix it and to easily find the area again.|steps to create an RPP|nt=yes}}
{{mbox|type=important|text= RPPs will not be found in address search if they do not have a house number, street name, and city name. Additionally the '''exact''' street/city name combination must be specified on a nearby segment (primary or alternate name). If located on driveways or access roads other than the road specified in their address, they may not route correctly without an entry point.}}
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