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Place Requirements & Lock Standards
Places may be locked '''''only''''' after the following information, at a minimum, is present: 1) correct name, 2) correct, complete address, 3) correct category, and 4) External Provider (google link), if one exists.
* '''RPP'''s must have a complete mailing address and an Entry Point must be set. (A google link is not required for an RPP.)
* Do not include Add an external provider '''ONLY IF''' it is a google separate link for to the PARKING LOT. &nbsp; (<span style="color:red">'''DO NOT ADD'''Parking Lot Areas</span> a glink for a business served by the PLA.) <span style="font-family:Helvetica;">''' <big>{{font color|lime|Go beyond <small>(PLAsWMEPH). </small> GREEN !}}</big>'''
* For '''Gas Stations''', if the brand of gas is not identified, leave the brand field blank. '''DO NOT USE the brand selection "UNBRANDED"'''. The gas station entry (or stop) point should be placed over the gas pumps.
* For Universities and Colleges please reference the document in the SER Repository.