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Toll Roads
=== Toll Roads ===
Toll roads have pricing contained in price files that are separate from WME but linked through segment and node IDs. Since changes affecting these IDs can break toll pricing calculations, '''please contact SER leadership before editing these segments'''. 
If any of these IDs or their order are changed through cutting, merging, disconnection or deletion, the toll price file will not work. Much more detailed information is in the Waze Wiki for Tolls.  [[usa:Toll#Prices|]]
'''<u>{{font color|red|The Southeast region maps per Toll Road national guidance EXCEPT in the following situation}}</u>''':
<br/>'''ALL''' segments of a road with tolls '''should be marked''' with the “This is a toll road” attribute. To do this:
# Press “Add Restrictions” menu button in WME.
# Next, select the blue checkbox for “Toll road”.