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=== Search box ===
[[File:LiveMap-search.png|border|right|Search box]]In the Search/Navigate box click on '''Search''' if it is not already highlighted. Place the mouse cursor in the text field and enter the address or place of interest, then press find. If the description entered has more than one match, a list will be displayed. Search results come from a Google Maps search, and could differ from the Waze App search results. If the desired match is not visible in that list, add additional parts of the address to limit the search and press find again. Once the desired destination is visible, select it. A pin will be placed at the location and the map will recenter on the pin.
If the live map is only displaying blue water everywhere, it may be necessary to zoom out and move the map to the continent desired. When the map is near a particular continent that does not have the destination desired, it may be difficult to search for it without first moving the map to the correct continent.
Once the searched location is identified, use the mouse to select the point under the pin to bring up the selection box.
| type = warning
| text = Please note that the Livemap search mechanism is not suitable for testing app search problems.