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Use of City Field
* The "'''Primary City'''" name should be an incorporated municipality or a CDP (Census Designated Place) '''if''' that segment is confirmed to be within the established geographic limits. If a segment does not lie within one of these, the "'''Primary City'''" should be marked "'''None'''". Instructions on how to select the appropriate city name are set forth in [[USA/Southeast/Determining Primary City Field|Determining Primary City Name.]]
* The "'''Alternate City'''" name is always the city named in the USPS mailing address. If the "'''Primary City'''" name is the same as the USPS city, an "'''Alternate City'''" name is not needed. Segments may have multiple "'''Alternate City'''" names which are valid and approved for use by the USPS.
* '''<u>Duplicate City Names: You may find cities and/or CDPs with exactly the same name.  If you believe you have encountered a city or CDP that is a duplicate of another in the same state, first confirm the findings with your State Manager(s) (SMs).  Your SM will facilitate the necessary naming changes. The convention for dealing with duplicate city/CDP names is as follows:</u>'''** '''<u>City and City of the same name (append county to the city with the smallest population) (See two cities example below)</u>'''** '''<u>City and CDP of the same name (append county to CDP name) (See city and CDP example and two CDPs example below) It is possible that both CDPs will have county name appended if there is a city along with two or more CDPs of the same name.  </u>'''** '''<u>CDP and CDP of the same name (append county to the CDP with the smallest population) </u>''' {| class="wikitable" |<u>Type</u> |<u>Name</u> |<u>Population</u> |<u>County</u> |<u>In WME</u> |- |<u>'''(two cities)'''</u> | | | | |- |<u>City</u> |<u>Happy</u> |<u>25,000</u> |<u>This</u> |<u>Happy (This Co)</u> |- |<u>City</u> |<u>Happy</u> |<u>50,000</u> |<u>That</u> | |- |'''<u>(city and CDP)</u>''' | | | | |- |<u>City</u> |<u>Happy</u> |<u>50,000</u> |<u>That</u> | |- |<u>CDP</u> |<u>Happy</u> |<u>100,000</u> |<u>Another</u> |<u>Happy (Another Co)</u> |- |'''<u>(two CDPs)</u>''' | | | | |- |<u>CDP</u> |<u>Happy</u> |<u>10,000</u> |<u>Yet Another</u> |<u>Happy (Yet Another Co)</u> |- |<u>CDP</u> |<u>Happy </u> |<u>100,000</u> |<u>Another </u> |<u>Happy (Another Co)</u> |}
A "'''City'''" name is '''required'''.
* For '''PP'''s, '''AP'''s, and '''PLA'''s, the "'''City'''" name, as well as the rest of the address, is determined by the business or entity. Whatever it identifies as the address should be used.