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===Place Requirements & Lock Standards===
'''Places''' may be locked '''''only''''' after the following information, at a minimum, is present: 1) correct name, 2) correct, complete address, 3) correct category, and 4) External Provider (google link), if one exists. * '''RPP'''s must have a complete mailing address and an Entry Point must be set. (A google link is not required for an RPP.) * Do not include a google link for '''Parking Lot Areas''' (PLAs). * For G'''as Gas Stations''', if the brand of gas is not identified, leave the brand field blank. '''DO NOT USE the brand selection "UNBRANDED"'''. * For Universities and Colleges please reference the document in the SER Repository.
'''Lock at level 5''': Airports (and their PLAs), Arenas, Hospitals, Park and Ride lots, Urgent Care Centers, and Universities.