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== Moved ==
If a point place is needs to be moved more than 1046.59 feet approximately 400m (319 meters1/4 mile), the change cannot be saved in WMEwill report an error and not allow saving. Therefore, if a business or other public place has moved a short distance, move the associated point place to the correct location, update the address and delete any photos that are no longer accurate. However, if a business has moved a long distanceyou have three options:# Move the place within the 400m (1/4 mile) boundary and save, remove then repeat until reaching the new location.# Convert the place to an area place, stretch a corner to the new location, delete the entry point, then save. Drag three of the geometry points of the area to the new location and delete the fourth, convert to a point place, and save again.# Mark the place as permanently closed in Google (if linked and Google place already exists at new location) and Waze according to the following section and , then create a new placeat the correct location and fill proper data and linkingFor the first two options, make sure the place is moved in Google as well
== Closed ==