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Location details {{Anchor|Point placement}}: position instead of place for disambiguation
=== Location details {{Anchor|Point placement}}===
[[File:PP stop point front door 2018.png|thumb|Point place marker placed positioned at the front door of a business.]] The point place should go on or very near to the segment to which the driver should be navigated. By default, the Waze routing server will navigate the Wazer onto the segment which is closest to where the point is placedpositioned. Typically, if the place is inside a building, the marker should be located at or near the location's front door. Think: where would a car stop to drop someone off for this location. If the closest segment to the physical location of the place is not where a driver would drop someone off to go there, an [[#entry point|entry point]] may be added, which will cause routing to stop at the segment closest to the entry point instead of the place point.
==== Placement Positioning examples {{Anchor|Point placement examples}} ====
'''Some examples'''
* A building with one point place:
** If there is only one door, place position it at that door.** If there are multiple doors on the same side, (like a supermarket,) place position it at the point equidistant from and collinear with the two front doors.** If there are multiple doors on different sides, (like some mall anchor stores,) if there's no "obvious" front door, place position it either at the door facing the largest parking lot or at the door facing the street on which the street address for that location is.
* A single building with multiple point places within:
** At a strip mall, put each store's point at the store's "front door".