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=== Multiple ===
{{Mbox|type=important|text={{As of|May 2019}} multiple entry points can be added to area places. However, they are not used in the production app. Production users are routed only to the originally created entry point.}} Multiple entry points can be added to area places only. When navigating to a place with multiple entry points, the Waze app brings users to ''whichever entry point provides the optimal route'', which is often but not necessarily the closest entry point to the user. The entry point being used is shown in the app on a card as part of the route summary. The end flag (black & white checkered pinat the end of a route) and the location flag (red pin displayed in the place information tab in the app) always displays on display at the main first entry pointthat was created, whether or not it has the Main box checked. The entry point being It is also the location used is shown in routing during situations for which multiple entry points are not yet enabled (see [[#Limitations|below]]). Checking the app Main box on a card as part different entry point moves it to the top of the route summarylist but has no known effect in the app.
==== Applications ====
The proper application for multiple entry points, is for places with '''multiple entrances, all of which are <u>equally useful for general entry</u> into that place.''' Place entry points only at the entrances that are equally useful for general entry into the place for most drivers navigating to the place. For example, at a public place like a mall, do not place multiple entry points at doors for employees only. At a school or stadium, even though some doors may require special access (student ID, event ticket), if most drivers would have such access, multiple entry points can be placed at special-access entrances.
Position the first entry point where it would be placed if it were the [[#Single|only entry point]] for the place, because of the [[#Limitations|limitations]] below. Generally this would be at the main entrance, or if no such entrance exists, somewhere at the center of the place that provides the most useful drop-off location. This is the main entry point by default; if a different location is desired for the end flag to be displayed, it can be added as another entry point with the main box checked.
===== Pedestrian entrances =====
To add multiple entry points:
# Add the first point as described [[#Entry point|above]]. It is the main entry point by default.
# Name the main first point.
## Mouse over where it says Unnamed in the place info panel.
## Click the pencil.
# Position the second point over its entrance.
# Repeat steps four to six for each additional point, making sure that each point has a name and has been moved.
# To set Checking the Main box next to a different entry point as the main point, click the pencil used to edit the name, then check the Main box. It will be moved moves it to the front top of the list, and but this has no known effect in the end flag will show at its
== Moving ==