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Closing URs without proper consideration: Added clarifications regarding state or regional standards for time periods and first-editor ownership.
*'''Closing a UR with an empty conversation.''' Even very old URs deserve a comment. If you are closing a UR you reported, add a comment anyway as a courtesy to other editors. ''Note: URs with an excessively abusive or completely nonsensical opening description may be closed without comment.''
*'''Closing a UR without offering the reporter an adequate chance to respond to an initial query.''' Wait at least 7 days after the initial query (period may be shorter or longer by state or region) before closing the report. A followup request before closure is strongly encouraged. ''Note: some URs do not appear to require more information, but the reporter has been given an option to clarify anyway. The minimum waiting period and followup request are less critical for these.''
*'''Closing a UR whose reporter has responded to an inquiry by another editor.''' Once the reporter responds to an editor's inquiry, that editor determines how to proceed. While other editors are welcome to contribute to the conversation, it is important they not close the UR even if the conversation appears to have lapsed or if no solution is evident. This is because the original editor may be pursuing the problem behind the scenes. If the UR conversation appears stale, it may be renewed with a note like "Any progress?" or "Time to close as not identified?". If the original editor does not respond within 7 days(may be shorter or longer by state or region), or explicitly waives further interest in the UR, you may take charge. ''Note: the concept of a single "managing editor" for URs is often relaxed during a [[MapRaid]] event.''
*'''Closing a UR that the first responding editor may consider proprietary.''' Some editors feel that being the first to respond to a UR establishes them as managing it. This may be especially true in areas with few URs, where editors welcome the opportunity to work them. Unless the first responder has explicitly communicated that the UR is open to others, such as in a personal communication or with an "open to any editor" comment in the initial response, it is best to treat closing the UR as the first responder's responsibility, but some states or regions may not support first-editor ownership of a UR by default, and instead leave URs open to any editor to work or even close unless advised otherwise. Even if the UR appears dead, rather than close the UR, ask if there is progress and wait 7 days before taking action(period may be shorter or longer by state or region). ''Note: proprietary interests in URs are typically suspended during a [[MapRaid]] event.''
'''Response:''' Once closed, a UR will remain accessible for several days. A skilled editor who catches the closure in time and moves quickly may be able to work a closed UR before it disappears. If a dialogue can be established with the reporter, it can be continued using the emailed links to the UR conversation even after the UR has disappeared from the map.