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Special roads: Alley update
*[[Best map editing practice#Toll roads|Toll Roads]]. Only segments that actually contain a toll gantry should be marked as Toll.
*[ Frontage roads]. Name as "Frontage Rd" unless the corresponding highway has an alternate name. I-635 Frontage roads are labeled as "Lyndon B Johnson Freeway" as that is the local name for I-635.
*Alleys and driveways Driveways are generally '''not mapped''' unless they are required for navigation. See [[Driveways]] for more information.*Alleys can be mapped in subdivisions and where appropriate to aid in navigation for residents. Ensure house numbers and residential place points have a proper stop point to guide Wazers to the front door and not the alley.
*Any road which is a main road for a state park can be a {{Primary Street}}. Other roads can be {{Street|Local Street}}.
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