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Best map editing practice

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This is our example road segment. For the entire length of the road you need to:
[[File:undivideRd1DivideRoads 2018 00001.jpgpng]]
1. Select the two segments to be merged and set them both to two-way.
[[File:undivideRd2DivideRoads 2018 00002.jpgpng]]
2. Disconnect both segments from one side of the section being un-divided. It is best to disconnect alternate ends of each segment as shown.
[[File:undivideRd3DivideRoads 2018 00003.jpgpng]]
3. Bring the two disconnected ends together in the middle (and realign the roads as necessary, removing the unnecessary segments as shown). You can remove the junction point you just created by selecting it and clicking the trash can icon or using the Delete key(Fn + Delete on Mac). Please note that the 2 aligned sections must have matching road information (name, type, direction, speed limit, elevation, and lock) or the junction point will not allow removal!
[[File:undivideRd4DivideRoads 2018 00004.jpgpng]]<br />{{clear}}[[File:DivideRoads 2018 00005.png]]
The following video was recorded by an editor merging two one-way roads so the addresses were preserved. This video follows the described steps above but may help seeing it happening in real time. Press the "enlarge button in the lower right corner to see it full screen.
[ Un-Dividing Roads and Preserve HN - Video Reference]<br /><br />[ Un-Dividing Roads WME 2018 - Video Reference]<br />
After BOTH sides are merged into one, you need to re-align house number to the street so that it lines up with driveway/entrance of the building the bubble is over.