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Parking Lots: Removed item 5 in regards to inheritance of road name along PLRs. No longer valid with release of 4.44 today.
# It allows Waze to recognize that the client is off the main road, avoiding erroneous traffic reports.
# The '''[[Road_types#Parking_lot_road|Parking Lot Road]]''' road type prevents routes from transiting the lots to other destinations.
# It allows Waze to calculate estimated times for walking from the parking lot to destinations, and to calculate walking times for users leaving Places near the lot.# Increasing the number of segments inside parking could reduce the likelihood of instructions that use names from nearby named streets.
For information on how to map '''Parking Lot Area (PLA) Places''', see the [[Places/Parking_lot]] page. Parking lot roads are not limited to use with PLAs, though they are best used in combination.