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Parking Lots: MBox revision re: RPPs/PLRs & Verified Segments
The '''Parking Lot Road''' type exists to allow proper navigation into and out of parking lots while discouraging routes through parking lots. Waze applies a penalty to routes which transition from Parking Lot Road to other road types. This transition penalty decreases the chances that Waze will route through a parking lot as a shortcut, but doesn't interfere with navigation to or from points within parking lots parking lots. Avoid mixing road types within a parking lot so as to avoid triggering the transition penalty unnecessarily. See [[Road_types#Parking_lot_roads]] for more information on this road type.
{{mbox | type = neweditor | text = A reminder that all All roads, including parking lot roads, [[Creating_and_editing_road_segments#Confirm_the_road_by_updating_details|must have be verified]] by having a street and city name applied or by utilizing the ‘None’ checkbox must be checked for both city name and road namecheckboxes. <br /><br />If [[Places#Residential_point_place|Residential Point Places (RPPs )]] are used along the parking lot, adding alternate street/city names could be sure required if the RPP is some distance from the named road. If a RPP fails to save near a unnamed PLR, or if in-app routing fails to navigate to include the primary city name according to state guidelines and any appropriate alternative PLR, add the street & city names for as an alternate on the addresses in the nearby PLR. One or more tile updates may be required before RPPsfunction near PLRs with alternate street/city names.}}
==== Large Parking Lots ====