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When editing Places, the editor begins with the Place and searches for the category. Drivers, however, will begin with the category and search for the Place. This simple but profound difference in approach makes it essential to select only categories that ''closely match the destination''. If a category only vaguely or generally matches the destination, do not use it; instead apply the umbrella supercategory, or the '''Other''' category.
For example, consider a Wazer who needs to refuel a vehicle or tank with compressed natural gas (CNG). Categories that come close are '''Gas Station''' and '''Hardware Store'''. As an editor, one might assign '''Gas Station''' to a CNG fueling location as this seems to come the closest; but this would be a mistake. '''Car Services''', '''Shopping / Services''', or just '''Other''' would be more correct. Why? Consider the Wazer's perspective.
A Wazer needing a CNG refueling site is highly unlikely to search for it under '''Gas Station''', and if such a search were attempted, irrelevant results would outnumber useful ones by a vast margin. The Wazer will quickly realize that a text search for "CNG" will be more productive. Categorizing the location as a '''Gas Station''' would have provided no benefit. Meanwhile, Wazers searching for a gasoline refueling location would be offered CNG destinations, and worse, they may not realize this until they arrive at the CNG fueling site and discover it does not sell gasoline.
Thus, when choosing categories for a Place, do not ask "what category comes closest?" but rather "if a Wazer explicitly asks for this category, will this Place be representative of what they seek?"
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