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House Numbers in WME

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Clarify that both RPPs and HNs can now contain letters
* House numbers cannot be added to segments without a name.
* House numbers are not searchable unless there is a city name on the segment (Primary or Alternate). This is true whether the house number is an import or added/adjusted by an editor.
* House numbers will direct the user to the location of the HN's anchor point on the named road segment.
* A segment cannot have its street name removed if there are house numbers attached to it.
* An individual segment cannot have its primary city name removed if there are house numbers attached to it. Selecting two (or more) segments with '''different''' street names will allow the primary city name set to "none", but all segments selected must have the primary street name changed to the same name. Therefore be sure to go back and fix any improperly changed street name if this method is used.
* House numbers can contain numbers and letters, but cannot start with a letter.
* The Waze app does NOT automatically update position data for already-obtained destinations! Even after an address has been adjusted using WME and/or Google Maps, the app will retain the stale position data indefinitely and navigation will continue to fail. To eliminate stale position data, ask the reporter to first delete any existing instances of the destination in their recent search history and home/work/favorites list and then conduct a new search for the destination.
* '''If an address the destination is located on an unnamed a non-public road segment''' (privateroad, parking lotroad, etc.) and the marker is a long way from the actual house/business location, then delete the Waze house number House Number and add replace with a residential point place Residential Place Point (RPP) which contains only the address. Be sure to have Ensure the house number, RPP's street name, city name, and entry/exit point in the RPP; additionally ensure the RPP's city name is are listed a as the primary or alternate street/city name on a pairing the nearby named segment.* [[File:WME2018_-_RPP_and_HN.png|right|300px|border]] '''If the correct stop point for a house/business is on another a different road segment (differently named segment) away from than its properly labeled segment in Waze,address road''' — for example, when its entrance is located on a cross street or back street — then a Waze house number for that address should not be used(but note that house numbers may often be used for entrances located on service/frontage roads; see [[House Numbers on Service Roads]]). Instead, add a residential point place (RPP) which contains only the address. Be sure to have the house number, street name, city name, and entry/exit point in the RPP; additionally ensure the RPP's street name and city name is are listed a as the primary or alternate street/city name pairing on a nearby segment. Please review these cases:# In the case that RPPs have been added to a segment other than where their corresponding house numbers are anchored, these house numbers should be deleted. This will reduce potential problems with searching for the address or editing the RPP. # In the case that RPPs have been added to the same segment as their corresponding house number (e.g. people just taking pictures of their houses), those HNs should remain, as they will be in the same location as the RPP and routing will not be negatively affected.** [[FAQ#What_do_I_do_when_Waze_has_my_destination_or_address_at_the_wrong_location.3F|See the FAQ]] for more information.
* '''If the addresses are on service, frontage, or outer roads,''' see the [[House Numbers on Service Roads]] article for a guide on adjusting the house numbers to route to service road properly.
* House number addresses automatically update when the road segment's primary or alternate city name changes; RPPs do not.
* House numbers utilize the various street or city names listed as alternate names listed in the segments's [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Address_Box | address box]]; RPPs only can have one street/city combination per Place.
* House numbers are indexed on their own update schedule; RPP location and details go live almost immediately to existing road segments. Both house number and RPP search results are indexed separately. House numbers will normally be updated by the second road segment tile update. This ensures a new road segment is created in the segment database prior to adding the house number to the house number database, otherwise there may be not be a linkable segment based on the different update schedules.
* House numbers only route to road segments with names; RPPs will route to any road segment named or not.
* House numbers can RPPs could not contain lettersprior to October 2019; RPPs cannot contain lettersthere are some older ones that may require updating to include the full address.
* House numbers are [[House_Numbers_in_WME#Interpolation | Interpolated/extrapolated]]; RPPs are not interpolated/extrapolated.
==Using the interface==
[[FileImage:Housenumbers_wme_bigpicture1Housenumbers wme bigpicture.pngjpg|right|thumb|View of house numbers and default distance highlighting.]] Waze will often select an additional segment or two connected to the segment you selected when they are the same city and name (same Street ID). You can pan the map along that selection to edit house numbers on more than just the single segment you selected.
The lighted area around the road is the default distance that house numbers are allowed from the street. If a house number must be located beyond that distance, you will need to '''[[#Forcing|Force]]''' the house number into place ([[#Forcing|discussed below]]).
[[File:Housenumbers wme toolbar1HN grey bar.jpgPNG|800px|center]]When the house numbers interface is activated, a new toolbar appears with the standard complement of action buttons specific to working with house numbers.
Descriptions of the house numbers toolbar buttons:
|[[ImageFile:Housenumbers wme add buttonAdd_house_numbers_3.jpgPNG|left]] || Click to add a new house number.
|[[ImageFile:Housenumbers wme save buttonSave4.jpgPNG|left]] || Click to save current changes to house numbers.
| [[ImageFile:Housenumbers wme undo buttonUndo4.jpgPNG|left]] || Click to undo the last house number action or modification.
| [[ImageFile:Housenumbers wme redo buttonRedo4.jpgPNG|left]] || Click to redo the last house number action or modification.
| [[ImageFile:Housenumbers wme close buttonExit4.jpgPNG|left]] || Click to exit the house numbers interface.
*The blue dot on the other side is the drag handle.
The house number itself should be placed on the center of the rooftop of the house. For large buildings such as box stores which have a single address, and addresses within shopping malls, it is recommended to NOT add the house number to Waze. These stores are typically within parking lots and the stop point for house numbers is not a good location for navigation to end. For these locations, use a [[Places#What_is_the_Residential_setting.3F_Private_and_public_places|Place area or Residential pointplace (RPP)]].A Place point or area with the store, restaurant, park, etc. name should also be added.
To add a house number, ''click'' the '''Addhouse numbers''' button on the toolbar or ''tap'' '''h''' on the keyboard. ''Click'' on the '''location''' of the house or business address. ''Enter'' the '''house number.''' 
===Setting the Stop Point===
===Errors you can force===
When the error message pops up:
=== Errors you cannot force ===
You will need to fix the errors in order to save.The following errors cannot be forced:[[File:Wmewme-house numberhouse_number-error must fixerror_can_force1.pngPNG]] Note that this is the same message as the errors you can force listed above, but when you click the "Force" button nothing happens and the "Force / Continue editing" error message box remains. {{clear}} You will need to fix the errors in order to save.  
*'''Number already exists''': House number already exists somewhere on the same selected segments. This means that somewhere in the state there is another segment with the same house number, primary street name, and primary city name combination. You may have several throughout the state that has the same house number and primary street name when there is "none" as the primary city name. Note that alternate city names do not help alleviate this problem.{{clear}}
[[File:Wme-house number-unsupported1.png]][[File:Wme-house number-unsupported2.png]]<br/> *'''Unsupported number format'''&nbsp;: House number contains too many numbers, or has letters or other characters which do not align with the allowed format for the country.<br/>[[File:Wme-house number-unsupported1.png]][[File:Wme-house number-unsupported2.png]]
==House number tips==
*[[Image:Housenumbers wme_number forced.gif|right]]When a house number has been forced and saved, it will display differently than other house numbers, with the word "Forced" included in the marker as shown to the right.
*House numbers are uploaded for indexing through a separate process than [[Map_tiles#Updates | tile updates]]. The HN index update process is run at the same time as the tile builds. {{u|Performing [[Map tiles#Trigger updates|trigger edits]] nearby to force the tile to be included in an update is not necessary}}. House number edits will be reflected in app searches within one or two tile update cycles.
*House numbers often take two tile updates to become searchable/workable in the app. This allows new roads to be incorporated into the app during the first tile update so that there is a road that the house number can be assigned to on the second tile update.
{{mbox|type=note|text=Any cases where HNs are not indexed and searchable after a couple of tile builds should be sent to staff for review via your champs.}}