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# The default representation for any roadway is a single 2-way segment, even if the physical roadway is divided. Dividing a roadway carries with it the burden of proof that the change will improve the usability and/ or simplicity of the Waze map.
# If a road is currently working with no problem reports, consider leaving it as is.
# Prior to splitting a road, send a PM to one of the [[Southeast#Southeast_Editors_.28Key_Personnel.29|State Managers or the SE Southeast Regional CoordinatorCoordinators]].
# Try to avoid switching roads back and forth between being divided and 2-way. For example, if most of the road is clearly divided and only parts would be considered a single two-way road, consider leaving it all divided. If only a small portion seems better off divided, consider keeping it all 2-way.
<font color="red">'''<u>NOTE: At this time SER is NOT adding u-turns in small parking lots or in gas stations on PLRs or LS. Do NOT add these at this time. Wazeopedia references to what we are NOT doing:</u>'''</font>
'''DO NOT DO THIS: <nowiki>[</nowiki>Small Parking Lots]'''
'''DO NOT DO THIS: <nowiki>[</nowiki>Parking Lot Road U-Turns]'''
U-turns in the Southeast are to be enabled when they are on Divided roads, and legal. Most locations that U-Turns are absolutely not allowed will have a sign posted which may be visible in Streetview. U-Turns on roads without medians should not be enabled. The laws regarding U-Turns in the Southeast Region are found in each State's Mapping Resources page. Please keep them in mind when determining a legal U-Turn.
==Proposed Wazeopedia Changes==
Anyone who wishes to propose additions, changes or corrections to the SER wazeopedia should send a PM to their State Managers and RC Regional Coordinators (listed below) with the proposed addition/change and reasoning for it if appropriate. The SM's/RC 's will discuss the proposal with the whole SER leadership team for a decision.
== Key Southeast Region Editors ==