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Apartment Complexes
====Apartment Complexes====
Map apartment complexes using the category of "'''Other'''" and set the place point at the Main/Visitor usable entrance. Most often the leasing office will be near this entrance and if not, signage will guide the wazer. Add the apartment complex information as you would any other place point and if necessary the description field can be used for any information deemed important to communicate. This can include the leasing office hours similarly to how Pharmacy Hours for Publix, Winn-Dixie, etc. are added which don’t fit the overall place point hours. This is important since apartments are open 24/7 for residents/visitors and the leasing hours will not match that. Our goal is to get the wazer to the apartments for whatever reason encompassing all potentials such as residents, visitors, and potential renters.
Mapping the apartment club houses is something we don’t do and there really is no need for. The exception for mapping a club house would be in a large golfing community like commonly seen in Florida. In this case the club house likely has its own address and this would add value routing to the location for hosted events.