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===Community Roles===
In the Self-managed USA the hierarchy of community roles is described [[Roles_and_responsibilities|here]]
[ here]
* If you are an Area manager or above and editor in this State, please add yourself to the table [[#Area Managers|listed below]] .
* If you are an editor looking to become an AM, please add yourself in [[#Other Area Editors|this table]]. Keep in mind, the best way to obtain AM status, is by becoming involved in the Waze community.
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The greatest resource for editors of any rank is to learn hands on from editors with more experience than themselves. The [[Mentoring|Mentoring programs]] are strongly recommended, whether formal or informal.
If you have any questions or difficulties with any aspect of editing, feel free to contact any of New Jersey <!-- {{RootPage2}}-->'s Waze Champs, Country Managers, State Manager(s), or senior editors list in the [[#Area Managers|table below]]. You can also contact the Regional Coordinator(s) <!--
Auto fill RC names and PM links -->{{Username|{{RC/Data|{{#ifeq: {{RC/Data|{{RootPage2}}|area-type}} | region |{{{1|{{RootPage2}}}}}|{{RC/Data|{{{1|{{RootPage2}}}}}|region-name}}}}|regional-coordinator1}}}}<!--
-->{{#if: {{RC/Data|{{#ifeq: {{RC/Data|{{RootPage2}}|area-type}} | region |{{{1|{{RootPage2}}}}}|{{RC/Data|{{{1|{{RootPage2}}}}}|region-name}}}}|regional-coordinator2}}
| &nbsp;and {{Username|{{RC/Data|{{#ifeq: {{RC/Data|{{RootPage2}}|area-type}} | region |{{{1|{{RootPage2}}}}}|{{RC/Data|{{{1|{{RootPage2}}}}}|region-name}}}}|regional-coordinator2}}}}}}<!-- auto fill RC name and PM link .
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<!---- Major Roads Section ---->
{{:USA/Northeast/Locking standard}}
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<!---- Special Roads Section ---->
'''{{Red|Note:}}''' In other Regions/Countries, the usage of Dirt Roads-4x4 Trails may vary greatly.
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<!---- Closures Section ---->
Places considered fundamental to the functioning of the Waze app, such as Gas Stations, should be locked to '''Rank 4'''.
Complex, intricate, or crucial Places such as Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Departments, Airports, Parks, etc. should be locked '''at least to Rank 4'''.  : This is to prevent loss of data due to automatic acceptance of Place Update submissions from ''Trusted Users'', or Place Update Request approvals from other editors without careful examination.
:If you do not have a high enough enough rank to lock the place a Rank 4+, please lock it as high as you can, and consider asking a higher rank [[#Area Managers|AM, SM, CM, or Champ]] to lock it higher.
<!-- Removed until needed in the future------
See [[{{BasePage2}}/Places]] for guidance in {{RootPage2}} that may not be universal to all other states and territories. -->
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<!---- Cameras Section ---->
== Cameras ==
{{:USA/CommonState/Cameras|optional|speed=illegal|red=illegal}} '''{{Red|Important:}}''' As of 12/16/14 all red light cameras are illegal in NJ. They have been turned off and signage has been removed, pending a statewide vote whether to reinstate them. '''At this time ALL Any & all existing cameras in {{RootPage2}} State New Jersey should be deleted and no new cameras should be approved.''' ''{{Red|(Update: 3-30-15)}}''
If you have any comments/questions please refer to this [ forum] thread.
<!---- To Do List Section ---->
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<!---- To Do List Section ---->
== To Do List ==
* Ensure that Update Requests are being handled correctly, courteously and in a timely fashion.
===FC Upgrade===* Update the road network "Street Types" to match FC, for more information see [[#FC Upgrade|FC update info]]* Use this [ Doc] to track completion. << todo: remove removed old FC link, look at rest of these >>
<!---- Area Managers Section ---->