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The [ New Jersey] section of the Waze forum contains a history of topics discussed and a place to ask new ones.
The New Jersey editing community uses a dedicated Discord server for more near real-time text chat. Click [ this link] to join the server. In the #new_jersey channel you can ask questions, make unlock requests, or engage in other discussions with local editors. Come talk to us about editing in New Jersey!
If you have access issues that prevent you from getting on Discord please contact one the state managers, and/or (Assistant) Regional Coordinators for alternate access through Google Hangouts.
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===Community Roles===
In the Self-managed USA the hierarchy of community roles is as follows:described [[Roles_and_responsibilities here]  [[National resources/USA/Functional classification|USA Functional Classification page]]
''Global Champ → Local Champ → Regional Coordinator → Expert → Country Manager → State Manager → Area Manager''* If you are presently one of the an Area manager or above and an editor in this State, please add yourself to the table [[#Area Managers|listed below]] .
* If you are an editor looking to become an AM, please add yourself in [[#Other Area Editors|this table]]. Keep in mind, the best way to obtain AM status, is by becoming involved in the Waze community.