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<!---- Cities and Towns Section ---->
== Cities and Towns ==
In NJ there are 565 municipalities, 250 Boroughs, 52 Cities, 15 Towns, 245 Townships and 3 Villages. There are no unincorporated places in the state of NJ. Every segment of every road type should have a City Name in the Primary Field. When naming a segment use the incorporated name or the CDP (Census Designated Place) name when the place is locally known and/or more commonly recognized by that name. Note that the current map shows CDP names from the 2000 Census, please refer to the [ 2010 Census List] to determine the most current information.
Any segment with the name "Greater XX Area" is a mistake and needs to be updated to reflect the accurate place name.
In the event of duplicate city names, consider adding "Twp" if applicable to one of those places.
| type = Critical
| text = Alternate methods of resolving conflicting/duplicate city names is presently under discussion. Please refer to the forum [ New Jersey Cities and Towns] for more information.
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<!---- Major Roads Section ---->
== Major Roads ==
===Local Naming Guidance===
* New Jersey <!-- {{RootPage2}} --> State uses the short format when naming State and County Highways/Routes and their spurs, loops, etc.
::''State Routes'': '''SR-##''', '''SR-## X''' (e.g. '''SR-70''', '''SR-70 W''')
::''County Routes'': '''CR-##''', '''CR-## X''' (e.g. '''CR-567''', '''CR-567 SPUR''')
* Concurrent routes which are signed/shielded with both names, AND commonly referred to using both names together, should use both names separated by a slash (/) as the primary name, and each individual named as an alternate name. (e.g. '''US-1 / US-9''')
* Highway name descriptors, such as TRUCK, EXPRESS, etc. should be added after the name in '''ALL CAPS'''. (e.g. '''US-1 TRUCK''', or on a concurrent road '''US-1 TRUCK / US-9 TRUCK''')
* Highways passing through a local area which have a supplementary name for the road '''on street signs''', use the name of the '''Local Road''' in the primary field and the numbered one in the alternate field.
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<!---- xx Section ---->== xx =={{:USA/Northeast/Locking standard}}
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