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[[File:USPS.com_Find_Locations.png|thumb|right]]The Post Office post office category is used for places the USPS defines as Post Officespost offices.
; Category
: [[Places/Post_Office|Post Officeoffice]]: Only Use the '''post office''' category on a place only if the place is listed [!input.action <u>by the USPS</u>] {{ref|USPS|[5] }} as ''"Post Office", "Village Post Office"'', or ''"Contract Postal Unit"''. If it is not in the list, please consult regional or [[Places|USA Places]] guidance for the correct category.: Waze Mobile App (WMA) ''full searches '' for ''"post office"'' will find Waze places only if they have the [[Places/Post_Office|Post Office]] '''post office''' category or have a Google link to a Post Officepost office. Thus, it is important we limit the amount of places we add the [[Places/Post_Office|Post Office]] '''post office''' category to.However, ''quick searches'' work via name matching, regardless of category, so it is important that the name contains "post office" (see below). ; Point or Area : Refer to regional guidance (USA Standard: Point, some regions use Area); Stop Point point : [[Places#Setting_the_stop_point_for_a_Place|USA Stop Point stop point guidance]]; Naming by USPS designation : '''USA {{ref|usa|[1]}}:'''::'''Post Office:''':::Primary name: Post Office - ''[Station] {{ref|station1|[2]}}'':::Alternate name: USPS:::Alternate name: ''[ZIP] {{ref|zip1|[3]}}''::'''Contract Postal Unit (CPU) {{ref|cpu|[4]}}:''':::Primary name: Post Office - CPU ''[Station] {{ref|station2|[2]}}'':::Alternate name: USPS:: Consult :Alternate name: ''[ZIP] {{ref|zip2|[3]}}''::'''Village Post Office (VPO) {{ref|vpo|[4]}}:''':::Primary name: Post Office - VPO ''[Station] {{ref|station3|[2]}}'':::Alternate name: USPS:::Alternate name: ''[ZIP] {{ref|zip3|[3]}}''::'''Notes'''::<hr>::'''1:'''{{note|usa}} ''New York City'' and ''Kentucky'' use a slightly altered guidance based on USA guidance (see below). Other areas may also use the ''NYC naming model'', which adds the ''[ZIP]'' to the ''primary name'' as it is important to have the zip code listed in the search results in their area(s). If regional leadership choose to use the ''NYC naming model'', they will be listed in this text.::'''2:'''{{note|station1}}{{note|station2}}{{note|station3}} Substitute ''[Station]'' with the official name of the station from USPS.::'''3:'''{{note|zip1}}{{note|zip2}}{{note|zip3}} Substitute ''[ZIP]'' with ZIP code served by the post office. If it serves multiple, include alternate names for each.::'''4:'''{{note|cpu}}{{note|vpo}} USPS usually denotes the station as a ''VPO (Village Post Office)'' or ''CPU (Contract Postal Unit)'' in the ''station'' name on their site, please make sure to include that in the name above, even if it isn't in the official ''station'' name, but is listed as one or the other. (Example: ''Post Office - CPU Fordham University'')::'''5:'''{{note|USPS}} USPS site where station names can be found:'''New York City model:''':: Currently only used by NYC and Kentucky. Expand the text below for details.{{Expand|:New_York/Post_offices|guidance for the "NYC Naming Model" mirrored here for your state or regional convenience from the [[New York#Places|NY wiki page ]].}}; Description: Include the first line as the city, state and ZIP code:: Example: ''Tulsa, OK 74101''; URL:; Phone number: Direct phone number for location, if available.; External source link: Be sure to link the place any corresponding Google place(see left sidebars) .; Lock Level : Consult your state or regional wiki page (see left sidebar)