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Promotion: Rewording to further diminish importance of edit count in promotions, especially at advanced levels.
In the USA, rank promotions are evaluated based on a combination of related factors including;
* Editing skill and knowledge
* Editing qualityand finish
* Community involvement
* Proper etiquette in communication
It Factors relevant to promotion may be weighted differently at different ranks. For example, promotions to Ranks 4 and 5 often emphasize communication, community involvement, mentoring, and leadership more heavily than promotions to Ranks 2 and 3. Edit count, on the other hand, is not necessary of diminishing importance to reach every single measure promotion at higher ranks. If one edits with the requisite skill and communicates with integrity and etiquette, and other [[#Rank specific details|listed belowrank-associated criteria]] of a rank (including edit count) to be granted that rank promotion. It is merely required to are satisfied, one may be considered proficient primarily for the editing skill, knowledge, and behavioral expectations of that rank when you are reviewed. '''It is perfectly reasonable to anticipate being promoted before achieving the listed edit count for a given rank. If not, as long as you meet other criteria for that rank.''' Promotion to promotion may not occur even after one has achieved the next higher rank will not be dependent solely on listed edit count. This should be seen not as a reflection of one's worth as an editor, but on only as a result of the aforementioned related factorsdecreased relevance of edit count especially as one reaches higher ranks.
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