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== Road (Segment) Types ==
Determining road types in the Southeast aligns with the Waze '''[[Road_types/USA|USA Standard]]''' for freeway, major highway, minor highways, and primary streets. The Waze USA standard is a hybrid system based on a national standard called "functional classification" with a few modifications.
'''[[National_resources/USA/Functional_classification|Functional classification maps]]''' are available for most states. Compliance across state borders is important to insure better route selections between states; however, editors in some states have deferred adoption of the '''[[Road_types/USA|USA Standard]]''' due to in-state concerns. If you edit in any region than the Southeast, you must comply with that '''[[Mapping_resources/USA|state's recommendations]]'''.
Although the Waze '''[[Road_types/USA|USA Standard]]''' permits some road-type selection deviation, at present no Southeast deviations are permitted, but may be in the future.
=== Minimum Road Type Standards ===
=== Dirt (unpaved/gravel) Roads ===
The USA Standard ([[Road_types/USA#FC_cross_reference|matrix table]]) does not specify how to set unpaved road segments, so we define that here. Unpaved roads may or may not be classified in the states' functional classification system. If they are, set the road type according to the functional classification. If they are not, set the road type to Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail.
To stay aligned with the USA Standard, a County Road functionally classified as Local, or a Local street classified as a collector, is still to be set as a Primary Road. A Local street functionally classified by the DOT as Local, is a Street. ''Otherwise, dirt is dirt.'' The majority of dirt roads are not functionally classified.
* {{Primary Street|County Rte/Hwy: CR-xx}}
Often when US Hwys, State Roads, and County Roads pass through municipalities, they have a local name (e.g, "Main St"). Please see '''[[Road_names/USA|Road Names]]''' for instructions on how to name these segments. Check '''[[Highway_naming/USA|here]]''' for other states.
=== Road Segment Locking ===
*[[Waze_Map_Editor|Map Editor]]
*[[National_resources/USA/Functional_classification|Functional Classification]] for other states.
===Use of City Field===
=== Railroads ===
[[Road_types/USA#Railroad|Railroads]] can be mapped, but they are not a priority at this time.
== Segment & Turn Restrictions ==