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== Area creation ==
[[File:OSU.png|400px|right]]Each airport should be drawn as a single area place, covering all the airport property and including any runways, taxiways, terminal buildings, control towers or other structures. This will ensure visibility on the map.
=== Names ===
* If the airport was recently renamed, add its former name as an alternate name, for the sake of users who may be unaware of the name change.
=== Stop point ===
[[File:CMH.png|400px|right]]The stop point for the airport should be placed as follows:
* If the airport has one terminal accessible by one road, place the stop point at the terminal.
* If the airport has one entrance road and multiple terminals or one terminal with different roads leading to access for arrivals and departures, place the stop point at a location before any of the individual paths branch from the entrance road.