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Your Rank and Points

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Rank specific details: As agreed upon in forum discussion:
===Editing permission===
Your editor rank affects the area of the map you can edit as well as your ability to "lock" roads, places, and cameras, edit locked roads, places, and cameras, and add closures to roads. For more information, please read about [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Permission|read about permissions in the waze map editorWaze Map Editor]]. You can see the current editing lock rank of the last editor of any segment, place, or camera by selecting the object and checking the information in the left pane. If you need help fixing an object that is locked above your rank, please read about [[Editing_restrictions#Unlocking_an_object_above_your_rank|read about editing objects locked above your rank]].
=== Promotion ===
In the USA, rank promotions are evaluated based on a combination of related factors including;
* Editing skill and knowledge
* Editing qualityand finish
* Community involvement
* Proper etiquette in communication
It is not necessary Factors relevant to promotion may be weighted differently at different ranks. Promotion to reach every single measure [[#Rank specific details|listed below]] ranks 2 and 3 often focus more on knowledge level, skill, and quality of a rank edits (including with edit countused a proxy) . Promotion to be granted that rank promotionranks 4 and above often emphasize communication, community involvement, mentoring, and leadership. It  Edit count therefore is merely required of diminishing importance to be considered proficient primarily for promotion at higher ranks. If one edits with the editing requisite skill, knowledgeand communicates with integrity and etiquette, and behavioral expectations of that other [[#Rank specific details|rank when you -associated criteria]] are reviewed. '''It is perfectly reasonable to anticipate being satisfied, one may be promoted before achieving the listed edit count for a rank, as long as you meet other criteria for that given rank.''' On the other hand, an editor who is seen to be damaging the map or engaging in suspicious If one does not demonstrate effective editing practiceswith quality edits and proper decorum, promotion may not occur even after one has achieved the listed edit count. This should be granted seen not as a reflection of one's worth as an editor, but only as a rank promotion despite having more than result of the required decreased relevance of edit countespecially as one reaches higher ranks.
[[File:Formal mentoring 2.png|right|75px]]
[[File:Private message.png|75px|left]]
If you feel that you might be eligible for a rank promotion, please contact
your local management team including your [[State Manager|State Managers (SM)]], and [[Regional Coordinator]](s) (RC) to initiate a review, and the promotion process. Moving from rank two 3 to three4, and higher, is not automatic and requires assistance, make sure to contact your managers/coordinator(s).
=== Rank specific details ===
| 2 miles
| [[Image:Rank2-robot.png]]
| Editors with 3k edits may be automatically promoted to rank 2 subject to the criteria specified in the [[Your Rank and Points#Promotion|promotion section]]. IGN Map editors are an extension of the Waze Geo-Ops (aka the Map Team)
| [[File:Profile L3.png|70px]]
| 3 miles
| [[Image:Rank3-8bit.png]]
| Editors with 25K edits. may be automatically promoted to rank 3 subject to the criteria specified in the [[Your Rank 3 will require a request to, and, review by the RC before approvalPoints#Promotion|promotion section]]. Note: Some [[IGN]] Map editors may also be rank 3.
| [[File:Profile L4.png|70px]]
| 4 miles
| Rank 4 will require a request to, and, review by the RC before approval. Note: Very few [[IGN]] Map map editors may also be rank 4.
| [[File:Profile L5.png|70px]]
| 4 miles
| [[Image:Rank5-trex.png]]
| Rank 5 will require a request to, and, review by the RC before approval.
| [[File:Profile L6.png|70px]]
| colspan="3" rowspan="1" style="text-align: center; background:#DDDDDD; color:black" | '''Forum Badges'''
| {{anchor|Global Champ}}[[File:Badge GlobalChamp.png]]
| [ Global Champ]
| Editors selected by Waze management that show long standing contributions to the entire global Waze community. Typically requires having been a Local Champ for some period of time.
| {{anchor|Local Champ}}[[File:Badge LocalChamp.png]]
| Local Champ
| Editors selected by Waze management that show long standing contributions to the Waze community for their country. Typically requires having been a Country Manager for some period of time.
| {{anchor|Expert}} [[File:Badge Expert.png]]
| Expert
| Users who are Experts generally focus on a particular area of Waze. There is an [ Expert Forum] focused on these different areas. Originally introduced in [ this forum entry].
=== VIP Users ===
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