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Frontage Roads
In cases where a Wazer would go from {{Freeway|Fwy}} > {{Ramp}} > Frontage Rd > {{Major Highway|Major}}, the Frontage Rd would be set as {{Minor Highway|Minor}} with the Routing Type changed to <code>One type higher</code> or <code>Preferred</code>.  This moves that section of road up in classification within the routing server but for appearance purposes, it keeps it as a {{Minor Highway|Minor}}. Small sections of Frontage Rd which just run parallel to a freeway and provide no entrance/exit to/from the freeway will match FC or be no higher than {{Primary Street|PS}}.
Only those rank 4 or higher can set the Preferred/One type higher routing flag. Once this flag is set, only certain edits on the segment will be limited to those R4 and higher will be able to edit the segment.
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