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Best map editing practice

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=== Retention ===
As a result of people driving Because Waze users drive over them, road segments retain certain information (e.g., average speed) that is used in route optimization. When a segment is deleted, that the information in the segment is discarded. Given a choice between deleting a tangle of segments and creating new ones in their place, vs. untangling them and reusing them, it is often better to "recycle".
== In Practice ==
==== Drive-Through Lots ====
Because these drive-through lots can be narrow and congested, with one-way sections, the simplest best way to represent them may be as just is often a one-way drive-through loop. ''Caveat: because both ends of a segment cannot connect to the same junction, if the lot has only one entrance/exit, it is necessary to build the [[Junction Style Guide#Loops|loop using three segments]].''
==== Two parking lots connected to the same street ====