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Legal route but dangerous or impossible in heavy traffic
=== Legal route but dangerous or impossible in heavy traffic ===
Volunteer responding. Sorry to hear of your experience! The volunteer editing community has wrestled with this issue many times, and every time we conclude that the Waze map must support legally-possible routes, even if some are dangerous or impossible in heavy traffic. Waze tries really hard to find you the fastest route, and it does that very well. Sometimes though, the fastest route may not be the safest or smartest route. As drivers ourselves we know how frustrating this is. But Waze, like other navigation apps, can't monitor or account for how hard it may be to change lanes at any given time. We could prohibit maneuvers that may be difficult in traffic, but drivers would complain when Waze avoided those routes at other times. We sure hate this when it happens to us, and wish we could do something about it, but there's no good solution to this problem. Cheers!
=== Verified temporary road closure ===