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=== Unexplained detour ===
Volunteer editor responding. I can't  The great thing about Waze is that it tries really hard to find anything in you the map to explain fastest route. Sometimes the apparent detour bad thing about Waze gave is it tries a little too hard to find youthe fastest route and creates strange routes like this.  Traffic, a daily pattern of traffic, a temporary road closure, a bicyclist or very slow vehicle inappropriately using Waze, or just a slow stoplight that routinely backs up cars can all cause Waze to suggest surprising alternatives. Sometimes Waze may recommend a detour even after traffic has cleared up, because it doesn't know yet. Also, if Waze hasn't yet collected enough data in the area, it may overestimate the speeds of side roads, turns, and U-turns. It definitely does help for drivers  I've found that sometimes the best way to fix these problems is to try follow Waze's suggestionssuggestion a few times. If it is slower, as it gives Waze more records your speed data on those alternate and should eventually adjust future routes. Or, you may find the alternative is a faster route.  At any rate we'll close this report as the map itself appears to be OK. CheersThanks!
=== Unexplained NON-detour ===