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Slack Team Invites
====Slack Team Invites====
[ Waze USA Regions Slack Invite]
Please fill this form out to join the Southeast's Slack Team. We also host TX Texas and any other users that want to join. This is the main chat platform we use in the southeast waze region.
[ Waze International Slack Invite]
You can check this form for the International Waze slack team, and various other regional slack teams. Feel free to join them.
Slack is now one of the main platform platforms that USA Waze editors use for chat. Some Another chat system that Waze Editors use is Google Hangouts. for those regions also that use Google Hangoutsa user will have to invite you to the group. Please consult an Area Manager, State Manager or Regional Coordinator to get into the relevant Google Hangout chat(s).
=====Fastest Invite Method=====