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{{Template[[File:UpdateToStateTemplate|USA/Southeast/Test}}This page contains information related to editing Waze maps in the USA Southeast Region which includes '''Alabama''', '''Florida''', and '''Georgia'''. It takes precedence over any more geographically localized state-level sub-pages to insure regional unity and consistency. Your regional coordinator is [ driving79]. Questions regarding this information should be addressed to the [[Southeast#Key_Southeast_Region_Editors png|thumb| SE Regional Coordinator or the State Managersright]].
See This page contains information related to editing Waze maps in the USA Southeast Region which includes '''Alabama''', '''Florida''', and '''Georgia'''. It takes precedence over any more geographically localized state-level sub-pages to ensure regional unity and consistency. Your regional coordinators are '''[ driving79 (RC)]''' and '''[ Southeast Forumpm&mode=compose&username=itzwolf itzwolf (ARC)]''' for more . Questions regarding this information. You can also send a request should be addressed to the [[Southeast#Key_Southeast_Region_Editors | Southeast Regional Coordinators or the State Managers or the SE Regional Coordinator]] to join our private slack chat group. We are always looking for editors, and have fun learning in the process.
To get in contact with the Southeast editors please use [ this link] to join the Southeast Region Editors on Discord! '''[ US Southeast]''' is our Waze forum. This page is maintained by the '''[[Southeast#Key_Southeast_Region_Editors | Key Southeast Region Editors]] ''' and moderated by '''[ driving79driving79 (RC)]''' and '''[http://www. <span"color:itzwolf itzwolf (ARC)]'''. Please see section on [[Southeast#4b0082;">Please coordinate any changes in advance</span>Proposed_Wazeopedia_Changes |Proposed Wazeopedia Changes]] for submission protocol. Southeast map editors are encouraged to add/modify their own information in the '''[[Southeast#Key_Southeast_Region_Editors | Key Southeast Region Editors]]''' table below. <span stylefont color="color:#0000cd;red">All editors should be intimately familiar with [[Best_map_editing_practice|Best Editing Practices]].</font>  <span style="color: #0000CC ;">'''[[Southeast/Meetup_2019|SER Meetup 2019]]'''</span> ……………….. <span style="color: #0000CC ;">'''[[Southeast/Meetup_2018|SER Meetup 2018]]'''</span> ……………….. <span style="color:#0000cd ;">'''[[Southeast/Meetup_2017|SER Meetup 2017]]'''</span> ……………….. <span style="color:#0000cd;">'''[[USA/Southeast/Meetup 2016|SER Meetup 2016]]'''</span>  '''Additionally, important links and materials for all Southeast editors are available at:''' [[USA/Southeast/Important_Links| Southeast's Important Links Page]]. [ SER Public Repository] '''<nowiki/>'''
'''Additionally, important links for all Southeast editors are available at [[USA/Southeast/Important_Links| Southeast's Important Links Page]].'''
== States, Counties and Localities ==
=== Georgia ===
*'''Overview:''' There are 523 municipalities and 159 counties in the state. The toll system is [ PeachPass] and is primarily found on HOV lanes in metro Atlanta. Some HOV lanes ''require'' PeachPass. Outside of Georgia, it is compatible with the FL Sunpass, and the [ NC QuickPass]. Georgia is in the Eastern time zone. There are also HOT lanes that are High Occupancy Toll lanes. The is a minimum of 3 people required to be in the vehicle and you must have the PeachPass. Toll prices vary based on traffic flow and the distance you are traveling. There are access areas marked by striped lines as opposed to solid lines. The lanes are monitored by numerous cameras and by local police. The busier the traffic, the more you pay. Prices are listed on overhead electronic signs.
== Road (segmentSegment) types Types ==
Determining road types in the Southeast aligns with the Waze '''[[Road_types/USA|USA Standard]]''' for freeway, major highway, minor highways, and primary streets. The Waze USA standard is a hybrid system based on a national standard called "functional classification" with a few modifications.
'''[[National_resources/USA/Functional_classification|Functional classification maps]]''' are available for most states. Compliance across state borders is important to insure better route selections between states; however, editors in some states have deferred adoption of the '''[[Road_types/USA|USA Standard]]''' due to in-state concerns. If you edit in any region than the Southeast, you must comply with that '''[[Mapping_resources/USA|state's recommendations]]'''.
Although the Waze '''[[Road_types/USA|USA Standard]]''' permits some road-type selection deviation, at present no Southeast deviations are permitted, but may be in the future.
=== Minimum Road Type Standards ===
* Interstate = {{freeway}}<br/>* US Hwy = {{Major Highway}} (MH)<br/>* State Roads = {{Minor Highway}} (<span data-scaytid="6" data-scayt_word="mH">mH</span>) === Dirt (unpaved/gravel) roads === The USA Standard ([[Road_types/USA#FC_cross_reference|matrix table]]) does not specify how to set unpaved road segments, so we define that here. Unpaved roads may or may not be classified in the states' functional classification system. If they are, set the road type according to the functional classification. If they are not, set the road type to Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail. To stay aligned with the USA Standard, a County Road functionally classified as Local, or a Local street classified as a collector, is still to be set as a Primary Road. A Local street functionally classified by the DOT as Local, is a Street. ''Otherwise, dirt is dirt.'' The majority of dirt roads are not functionally classified. {| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center"|-| colspan="2" rowspan="2" style="vertical-align: top; text-align: center;" | <span style="font-size:smaller;">'''How to determine<br/>when to&nbsp;set&nbsp;a dirt<br/>road&nbsp;as type<br/>dirt road'''</span>| colspan="2" | <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color:#4b0082;">'''Dirt<br/>(unpaved or gravel)'''</span></p>|-| <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size:smaller;"><span style="color:#4b0082;">County<br/>Road</span></span></p>| <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size:smaller;"><span style="color:#4b0082;">Street</span></span></p>|-| rowspan="3" style="width:27px;" | <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color:#4b0082;">'''Functional<br/>Class'''</span></p>| <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color:#4b0082;">Collector</span></p>| <p style="text-align: center;">{{Primary Street|PS}}</p>| style="text-align: center;" | {{Primary Street|PS}}|-| <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color:#4b0082;">Local</span></p>| <p style="text-align: center;">{{Primary Street|PS}}</p>| <p style="text-align: center;">{{Street}}</p>|-| <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="color:#4b0082;">not<br/>classified&nbsp;</span></p>| <p style="text-align: center;">Dirt</p>| <p style="text-align: center;">Dirt</p>|} If the users' client options are set to avoid dirt roads, they will still be routed on dirt roads functionally classified as either a Collector or Street. This is necessary to insure beginning-to-end routing should the origin/destination be on an unpaved road however, Waze route pruning will only consider these lower-priority roads (Primary Street, Street, Dirt) near the origin/destination. Examples: *An unpaved <u>County Road</u> identified in the DOT FC system as a <u>Collector</u> is a <u>Primary Street.</u>*An unpaved street identified in the DOT FC system as a <u>Local</u> road is a <u>Street</u>.*Any unpaved road not listed in the DOT FC system is <u>Dirt</u>.
=== Road Segment Naming ===
'''<span style="color:#0000cd;">* {{freeway|Interstates: I-xx</span><br/><span style="color:#ff0000;">}}* {{Major Highway|US Hwy: US-xx</span><br/><span style="color:#ffff00;"><span style="background-color:#a9a9a9;">}}* {{Minor Highway|State Road/Rte/Hwy: SR-xx</span></span><br/><span style="color:#ff8c00;">}}* {{Primary Street|County Rte/Hwy: CR-xx</span>}}* '''Parking Lot Roads'''-- We do not name parking lot roads in the SER. Consult with your State Manager if you think a parking lot road segment should be named.
Often when US Hwys, State Roads, and County Roads pass through municipalities, they have a local name (e.g, "Main St"). Please see '''[[Road_names/USA|Road Names]]''' for instructions on how to name these segments. Check '''[[Highway_naming/USA|here]]''' for other states. Note that Freeway and Ramp segments do not have an included city name. Select the 'none' checkbox beside the city field for these types of road segments.
=== Road Segment Locking ===
{{Lock Standard State|SOUTHERN}}
===When to Split a Two-Way Road===
Generally, a road should be undivided unless it meets ALL of the requirements for dividing a road. When initially reviewing whether to divide or "un-divide" (merge back together) a roadway, consider these points first:
# The default representation for any roadway is a single 2-way segment, even if the physical roadway is divided. Dividing a roadway carries with it the burden of proof that the change will improve the usability and/ or simplicity of the waze Waze map.
# If a road is currently working with no problem reports, consider leaving it as is.
# Prior to splitting a road, send a PM to one of the [[Southeast#Southeast_Editors_.28Key_Personnel.29|State Managers or the SE Southeast Regional CoordinatorCoordinators]].
# Try to avoid switching roads back and forth between being divided and 2-way. For example, if most of the road is clearly divided and only parts would be considered a single two-way road, consider leaving it all divided. If only a small portion seems better off divided, consider keeping it all 2-way.
Remember that dividing and undividing roads each comes with its own set of problems. Each situation is unique and some issues may be more manageable with a single two-way road, and some may work fine with a divided road. Consider every aspect of routing, and carefully examine each junction before dividing or undividing. Regardless of whether you're dividing or undividing, remember that you might cause more problems than you solve and you might have to put it back the way it was before. Also remember that dividing and undividing each cause loss of some traffic data, which can result in poor Waze routing.
===Private Road Segments===
'''[[Southeast/PrivateRoads|Click here]]''' for guidance for use of the Private Road Segment in the Southeast.
=== True Elevation ===
<font color="red">'''NOTE: If you have any questions please seek guidance from one of the State Managers.'''</font>
The Southeast Region uses the concept of True Elevation (TE) to better represent segments in relationship with its surroundings/ground level. Most segments should have an elevation of Ground unless they pass over another segment, waterway, or natural feature. '''Drivable and non-drivable segments are handled the same way with elevation'''.
* Segment travels over another segment (also known as Overpass).
* Segment travels over a large river or large body of water.
* Segment artificially elevated to pass over large ground level objects and large natural features.
A tunnel is any road segment that is underground and thus the GPS reception is inconsistent.
[ Simple Interchange]
[ More Complex Interchange (requiring junctioning of ramp segments to maintain ground elevation)]
[ Major Circular Interchange]
[ Complex Interchange]
[,508539767,508539764,508539772 Raised Freeway (over preserve area)]
Below are two images showing the difference in Live Map rendering when True Elevation is not applied and then when True Elevation is applied. Take note on the shading along the edge of the segment when True Elevation is used and how it is missing when it is not.
{| class="wikitable"
!'''Segment over water without True Elevation'''
!'''Segment over water with True Elevation'''
* Elevation of overlapping segments should be set relative to each other, with the lowest segment as Ground (unless that segment is a tunnel).
* Only elevate/lower the actual bridge/tunnel section of the road.
* Bridges should be cut at the start/end of the bridge where the land falls away. You can usually see guardrail at the start/end of the bridge section. Also the pavement type may change (Asphalt to Concrete for example).
** Do not '''cut segments''' for elevation purposes if the bridge starts/stops within 60m/200ft of an existing junction.
** Maintain some uniformity for display purposes when determining where to make the splits.
** No need to elevate segments over every small creek or box culvert. Only elevate over significant waterways or natural features.
* Only set elevation as low/high as necessary. For example, no segment should be Elevation +2 unless it passes over another segment with Elevation +1.
* Tunneled segments shall have lower elevation, relative to ground and ''Tunnel'' should be checked.
* Only segments that are actually '''underground''' should have the negative elevation.
* Tunnels should be cut at least 15m/50ft before and after the tunnel, to allow time for the GPS to regain signal.
* '''The use of common sense is paramount in using True Elevation.'''
''NOTE: If you use the Bridge tool to join segments, be aware that this will raise the elevation of the joined segment and you must lower the joined segment as appropriate.''
== Mapping Resources & Functional Classification ==
Use only state DOT level Functional Classification (FC ) maps when determine how to type (classify) a segment (Major Hwy, Minor Hwy, etc.). Some counties and cities have their own FC system, but only the state level system is to be used as a reference as these have been through a federal and state level approval process.
*[[Waze_Map_Editor|Map Editor]]
*[[National_resources/USA/Functional_classification|Functional Classification]] for other states.
===Use of City Field==='''<u>SEGMENTS:</u>''' For '''Freeways''' and '''Ramps''', the "'''Primary City'''" name should always be marked "'''None'''". (There is no "Alternate City".) For '''All Other Segments''',* The "'''Primary City'''" name should be an incorporated municipality or a CDP (Census Designated Place) '''if''' that segment is confirmed to be within the established geographic limits. If a segment does not lie within one of these, the "'''Primary City'''" should be marked "'''None'''". Instructions on how to select the appropriate city name are set forth in [[USA/Southeast/City_FieldDetermining Primary City Field|Use of Determining Primary City FieldName.]]===Please see * The "'''Alternate City'''" name is always the city named in the USPS mailing address. If the "'''Primary City'''" name is the same as the USPS city, an "'''Alternate City'''" name is not needed. Segments may have multiple "'''Alternate City'''" names which are valid and approved for use by the USPS.* '''Duplicate City Names''': You may find cities and/or CDPs with exactly the link above same name. If you believe you have encountered a city or CDP that is a duplicate of another in the same state, first confirm the findings with your State Manager(s) (SMs). Your SM will facilitate the necessary naming changes. The convention for dealing with duplicate city/CDP names is as follows:**Two cities of the same name (append county to the city with the smallest population) (See two cities example in the proper use table below)**City and (at least one) CDP of the same name (append county to CDP(s) name) (See city with one or more CDP example) If there are multiple CDPs sharing a name field for with a city, all states CDPs will have county name appended. **CDP and (at least one) CDP of the same name (append county to the CDP with the smallest population) (See two or more CDPs example in the Southeast Regiontable below). The largest CDP is the only CDP that will not have the county appended to the name.** When the county name is appended, use this format (County Co). As an example, Orange County would be appended exactly as "(Orange Co)"{| class="wikitable"|-! Type !! Name !! Population !! County !! In WME|-| '''(two cities)''' || || || |||-| City || Happy || 25,000 || This || Happy (This Co)|-| City || Happy || 50,000 || That || Happy|-| '''(city with one (or more) CDP(s))''' || || || |||-| City || North Happy || 50,000 || That |||-| CDP || North Happy || 100,000 || Another || North Happy (Another Co)|-| '''(two (or more) CDPs)''' || || || |||-| CDP || Glad || 15,000 || This || Happy (This Co)|-| CDP || Glad || 70,000 || That || Happy |-|}
A "'''City'''" name is '''required'''.
* For '''PP'''s, '''AP'''s, and '''PLA'''s, the "'''City'''" name, as well as the rest of the address, is determined by the business or entity. Whatever it identifies as the address should be used.
* For '''RPP'''s, use the USPS mailing address city for the "'''City'''" name.
=== Alabama ===
*[ html# Functional Classification] (very dated)
====[[Alabama/Mapping_Resources|Alabama Mapping Resources]]====
An important note about Alabama Code of laws is included on the page above. Click the header for relevant information for mapping in Alabama. Editors should always reference these local official sources for road naming. Those should be posted in the page above. If it is not please contact your State Manager for guidance.  
=== Florida ===
====[[USA/Southeast/Florida/Mapping resources|Florida Mapping Resources]]====
An important note about Florida traffic laws is included at the page linked above.<br />
Click the link above for more information about Unsigned FL SR#'s along US and Interstate Highways
=== Georgia ===
====[[Georgia/Mapping_Resources|Georgia Mapping Resources]]====
 Click the link above for relevant information for mapping in Georgia.Editors should always reference these official local official sources for road naming when possible. Those should be posted in the page above. If it is not please contact one of your State Manager Managers for guidance.
== Update Requests & Comments ==
The southeast follows the national [[Update_Requests_in_Waze_Map_Editor|Update Requests & Comments]] guidance. Do NOT leave reminders at 4 days (or however many days). If another editor left a comment for the reporter, there is no response from the reporter, AND it has been 7+ days....simply put a comment about why it's being closed (i.e. "Closed due to inactivity.") and mark it Not Identified.
Do not over complicate The southeast follows the national [[Update Requests in Waze Map Editor|Update Requests (UR process, and please do not leave lengthy questions/responses. There are a few UR comment scripts that have been designed and approved by higher ranked editors available for your use. [https) & Comments]] guidance with the following exceptions:// Scripts Page]
Do not leave reminders at 4 days (or at any other time).
=== Boots If you are the only editor to comment on a UR and all three of the following conditions apply:# This UR has no information from the reporter in the “Problem” field that suggests a solution.# There is no responding comment from the reporter/driver.# There is no obvious issue to be resolved after surveying the map, the Waze route and the ground ===GPS track (if that information is included).This UR can be closed when your comment is 5 days old.
We need local boots on If another editor left a comment for a reporter, there is no response from the ground to check things. Please add requests for locals to go and scout things in personreporter, as in on AND the roadcomment is at least 8 days old...Some examples when this would be used include .look to check and see if:* The street view is accurate, * A road is really you can solve the issue. If it can’t be solved simply put a comment about why it's being closed, * A turn really allowed/prohibited, etc(i.e.* A Place Exists, is "Closed Permenantly, or Remodelingdue to inactivity.") and mark it Not Identified.
'''<big>To make a new request, or respond to an existing request, please use [https:Do not over complicate the UR process. Please do not leave lengthy responses//docsquestions.googleThere are UR comment scripts that have been designed and approved by higher ranked editors available for your this form[[Scripts|Scripts Page]].</big>'''
<!(Tip: [ {{#widget:Google Spreadsheet|key=1abCdmY5NpA5LP_XHpEShWjtDyEp_2UtZvojI1qxu8z0|width=100%|height=300|page=false}} urcomments-usa->southeast WME URComments Southeast] is a script containing approved comments for use in the Southeast and is to be used with the main script [[Scripts/URComments|WME URComments]].)
{{#widget:Iframe|url=;singlePlaces =true&amp;widget=true&amp;headers=false|width=100%|height=700|border=0}}
'''<big>[;single=true&amp;widget=true&amp;headers=false View sheet as full Webpage]</big>'''
== Places (formerly Landmarks) ==
The southeast follows the national [[Places]] guidance. The following exceptions to the national guidance are NOT mapped:
Exceptions to a point or area that ARE mapped in the southeast:
*Post Office is an area
*Library is an area
*Museum is an area
*Government is an area
*City Hall is an area
*Sports court is an area
*Car Dealership is always a point
*Camp Grounds / RV Parks are always a point
<br />
'''IMPORTANT''' Please do not work Place Update Requests (PUR) zoomed all the way out. Please zoom in to the place, make sure it's in the correct spot, and run the [ WME Place Harmonizer script] to make sure everything is correct and entered. We want to make sure waze has the best experience for the drivers, so finding a place in search and getting to their destination accurately is extremely important!
===Place Requirements & Lock Standards===
Places may be locked '''''only''''' after the following information, at a minimum, is present: 1) correct name, 2) correct, complete address, 3) correct category, and 4) External Provider (google link), if one exists.
* '''RPP'''s must have a complete mailing address and an Entry Point must be set. (A google link is not required for an RPP.)
* For '''Parking Lots''' (PLAs), add an external provider '''ONLY IF''' it is a separate link to ''that'' '''PARKING LOT'''. &nbsp; (<span style="color:red">'''DO NOT ADD'''</span> a glink for a business ''served'' by the PLA.)
* For '''Gas Stations''', '''IF''' the brand of gas is not identified, leave the brand field blank. &nbsp; (<span style="color:red">'''DO NOT ADD'''</span> the brand selection "UNBRANDED"'''. &nbsp; The gas station entry (or stop) point should be placed over the gas pumps.
* For Universities and Colleges please reference the document in the SER Repository.
* Restaurants and Fast Food places that have delivery services such as Doordash, Foodnow, and Ubereats should have '''delivery''' selected under services.
'''Lock at level 5''': Airports (and their PLAs), Arenas, Hospitals, Park and Ride lots, Highway Rest Areas, Urgent Care Centers, and Universities.
'''Lock at level 3''': All other Places including PPs, APs, PLAs, and RPPs.
If you are unable to lock a Place high enough (due to level limitations), please lock it as high as you can. Then, post an up-lock request for help in the [ USA Unlock Forum] or the [ unlock channel] on the SER Discord server.
===Place Mapping Guidance===
====Apartment/Condo/Townhouse Complexes====
Map apartment complexes using the category of "Other" and set the place point (PP) at the leasing office when it is located in close proximity (you can see it from the main road in Street View or within a couple hundred yards) to the Main/Visitor usable entrance. (Most often the leasing office will be near this entrance and, if not, signage will guide the wazer.) If there is no obvious leasing office or if it is not near the main entrance, place the PP off to the side of the main road that leads to the main entrance. Set the entry point just inside the main/visitor entrance. Our goal is to get wazers to the complex regardless of whether a resident, potential renter, or visitor.
Add the apartment complex information as you would for any other PP. If necessary, the description field can be used for additional important information. For example, apartments are open 24/7 for residents/visitors and the leasing office hours are different. If appropriate, note the leasing office hours in the description (similar to how it is done for a pharmacy within a store).
'''DO NOT map PPs''' for clubhouses or the leasing offices separately for apartment/condo/townhouse complexes. (The single place point for the complex is sufficient.)
====Gas Stations====
'''- Verify that brand is correct''' (the field with dropdown near the bottom). If the brand of gas is not identified, leave the field blank. '''{{font color|red|DO NOT use}}''' the brand selection 'UNBRANDED'.
'''- Ensure that the [[Places/Gas_station#Name|gas station name]] is correct'''.
SER follows the national guidance for [[Places/Gas_station|Gas Stations]] with the following exceptions:
: • The gas station "Entry" point is placed over the gas pumps.
: • We '''{{font color|red|DO NOT add}}''' a U-turn to PLRs for a gas station.
====Housing Developments/Communities====
'''We DO NOT map''' '''place points''' (PPs) ''specifically'' for housing developments or communities (aka subdivisions/neighborhoods). (Waze routes effectively to the street address for each building in the community.)
'''For gated neighborhoods, IF''' we receive multiple UR’s for bad routing ''which'' is due to multiple entrances ''and'' includes a residents-only gate, you may add a PP for the Main/Visitor gate. Make the primary name: Community Name “- Main Gate”, and the alternate: Community Name “ - Visitor Gate”. (Then, a wazer can add the gate PP as a stop on a route to the residence OR route to the gate PP and then route to the residence. Either method will address this routing issue.) Please contact SER Leadership for assistance with adding “gates” to a private community.
===Place Lock Standards=Places within other Places====Places should be locked to the below standards, only after all data fields have been filled. At a minimum at least ensure that Category, Name and Address (street and house number), and Brand (for gas stations) have information. Note for gas stations - DO NOT USE THE BRAND "UNBRANDED". If it is a no brand gas station, just leave the brand field blank.
Lock Sometimes you will find a place within a place. Set the place point at rank 5: hospitals, universities, schools, park the building entrance AND note that it's inside the other business in the Name field. WMEPH will ignore the information inside the parenthesis and ride lots, arenas, airportspull the correct harmonization information. EXAMPLES:   
Lock at 3: any other place that has at least *Subway inside a correct category, correct name, and correct address with house number.Walmart --> " SUBWAY (inside Walmart) "
If you cannot lock high enough because of rank, lock as high as you can, and post in the [ USA Unlock Forum] to get help from *CVS inside a higherTarget -ranked editor to lock properly.-> " CVS (inside Target) "
===Place Harmonization===
*Phone Numbers
:Places should follow one of the following telephone number formats: (XXX) XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXX-XXXX
:Except for public schools (who that make extensive efforts to keep their naming schemes), please use the simplest url URL that will get you to a chain's homepage, do not link directly to the chains location specific page. Examples are in the sheet below. Be sure to check that the url URL works before using it in WME or submitting it to the Place Name Harmonization form or using it for a place.
====Chain Harmonization Sheet====
 :The name spellings in the following sheet have been standardized for chains or franchises so that Wazers will receive consistent results when searching in the client. Please use them when you edit one of these chain or franchise businesses. Websites and descriptions have also been included for many of themThe [ If you have any thoughts on a effective php?f=819&t=215657 script WMEPH] streamlines this process by automatically detecting those chains in the Name Field and short description for a location please let us knowinputting the information from this sheet.
*Missing Chains
:If you don't find the business you're looking for, and it has 10 or more locations, please use [ '''use this form'''] to submit the missing information . If the business operates in two or more SER states, just check SER where it says state and [httpsit will work in all three states.  *Issues with this form:// PM T0cableguy] If you see any issues with this form please contact the moderator with a description of the problem, and replace the "Placerow number" of the item with the one you addedissue.
[// View SER list full-screen in Google Sheets]
[ View this list full-screen in Google Sheets]==Category Sheet====
====Category Sheet====:Some places do not have a clear place category, so we have provided this list for ones we get regular questions about. If you do not see something you think a business type should be on added to this list , please [ '''use this form'''] to submit the missing information and [ PM T0cableguy] to the moderator that you have requested more information.
[// View this list full-screen in Google Sheets]
== Major construction projects Construction Projects ==
See the states' Department of Transporation Transportation (DOT) web sites for a list of '''long term''' road closures and changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze Map.
*[ Alabama DOT]
*[[Creating%20and%20Editing%20a%20roundabout|Roundabouts/Traffic Circles]]
*=== Toll Roads ===Toll roads have pricing contained in price files that are separate from WME but linked through segment and node IDs. Since changes affecting these IDs can break toll pricing calculations, '''please contact SER leadership before editing these segments'''.   If any of these IDs or their order are changed through cutting, merging, disconnection or deletion, the toll price file will not work. Much more detailed information is in the Waze Wiki for Tolls.  [[Road%20types%2FUSA%23Parking%20Lot%20Roadusa:Toll#Prices|Parking Lot Roads]]*[[Best%20map%20editing%20practice%23Toll%20roads'''<u>{{font color|red|The Southeast region maps per Toll Roads]]Road national guidance EXCEPT in the following situation}}</u>''': <br />'''ALL''' segments of a road with tolls '''should be marked''' with the “This is a toll road” attribute. To do this: # Press “Add Restrictions” menu button in WME.# Next, select the blue checkbox for “Toll road”.# Then click on the Apply” button.<br/><u>'''Reminder'''</u>: For bridges or causeways, mark only the segment with the toll booth as a “Toll road”. If only one direction is tolled, <u>divide the road</u> where the toll is collected AND <u>mark only the segment</u> with the toll booth as a toll road.
=== Alleys ===
These Alleys are only mapped if they lead to more than one business or residence.  Map Alleys which meet this condition as follows: If there is a Parking Lot name for the Alley, set the road only if type to Private Road. An Alley without a name should be set to PLR. To ensure routing issues have not been created in the map, review all streets adjacent to the alley and verify that '''1)''' HN's are present and placed in the correct location, and, '''2)''' Place Points snap to the correct segment. Alleys which ''do not'' meet this condition are not to be mapped. === Boat Ramps === A boat ramp is a roadway that leads into water to float a boat to more than one address (businesses or residences) or is from a named streettrailer. Otherwise, alleys Boat ramps are not to be mapped. Any adjacent parking may be mapped, but ensure that dead-end segments that point toward the ramp terminate at least 150 feet from where the ramp goes into the water.
=== Non-drivable roads driveable Roads ===
Generally, if a path can't be driven on (e.g. Walking Trail, Pedestrian Boardwalk, Stairway, Runway/Taxiway) then it is not mapped. Waze is a driving app, not a pedestrian, bicycle, or flying app.
=== Emergency Vehicle and DOT Service Roads ===
We do not map Emergency Vehicle and DOT Service Roads.
For areas where residents are dependent upon ferries, see the [[Ferries|Ferries Editing Manual]]. Please contact your RC for any questions deciding if a ferry should be mapped.
=== Parking Lot Roads ===
'''<u>{{font color|red|The Southeast region maps per PLR national guidance EXCEPT for the following situations}}</u>''':
* Do not add U-turns to ANY PLR segment (including those for PLAs and gas stations) and,
* Do not map [[Best_map_editing_practice#Two_parking_lots_connected_to_the_same_street|transition penalty segments]] unless the problem was documented in an Update Request.
=== Railroads ===
[[Road_types/USA#Railroad|Railroads]] can be mapped, but they are not a priority at this time.
== Segment & Turn Restrictions ==
In the Southeast where legally allowed, roads with medians (earthen, curbed, or striped pavement) or dedicated turn lanes should have U-turns enabled.
* '''[[Alabama/Mapping Resources#Turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited.|Alabama Code: Turning on curve or crest]]'''
* '''[[USA/Southeast/Florida/Mapping resources#316.1515.E2.80.83Limitations on turning around|Florida Statutes: Limitations on turning around]]'''
* '''[[Georgia/Mapping Resources|Georgia Code: U-Turns]]'''
 '''<u>{{font color|red|Reminder}}: The Southeast region {{font color|red|DOES NOT ADD U-turns in the Southeast are Turns to be enabled when they are on Divided roads, PLRs}} FOR Gas Stations and legalParking Lot Areas (PLAs). Most locations that U-Turns are absolutely not allowed will have a sign posted which may be visible in Streetview. U-Turns on roads without medians should not be enabled. The laws regarding U-Turns in the Southeast Region are found in each State</u>'''s Mapping Resources page. Please keep them in mind when determining a legal U-Turn.
===Closed Roads===
Temporary Road Closures are the preferred method for road closures in the Southeast. Please contact a State Manager or higher for any of the closure types listed below. They will be happy to help with these.
# [[Mega_events|Mega EventsMajor Traffic Event]]s
# [ Temporary Road Closures]
# [[Scheduled restrictions]]
== Cameras ==
:''See [[Cameras%23Know%20your%20Cameras|How to Identify Cameras]].''
=== Red light cameras Light Cameras ===
Currently, the only way to add New red light cameras to the editor are from the app. When placing a camera in the apprare, drop a general error with "RLC W" where W = the direction the camera is facing. This will allow other editors to know which way the camera is facing when they go to approve it in the editorso all should already be mapped. If you do find a camera that needs to be added , please let a high ranking editor know so it can be angled properly and locked as high as possible.
'''DO NOT USE PHOTOENFORCED AS A REFERENCE FOR CAMERA LOCATIONS'''. This website is inaccurate! Only use official websites, or (of course) your own eyes.
There is no need to purge the map of invalid and non-approved red light cameras. They drop off the map no more than 14 days from their report.
===== Known Camera Locations =====
[ Duval County Red Light Cameras]<br />
[ Orange County Red Light Cameras(2014)[ Orlando, FL (Orange County) Red Light Cameras (2016)] [ Tallahassee Red Light Cameras] ''Deactivated 8/17/15, slated for removal. ''
[http All Of Georgia] (legally licensed locations.aspx Tallahasse Red Light Cameras] ''Deactivated 8/17/15, slated for removal. ''only - not all are active - check with a GA State Manager)
=== Speed Cameras ===
Speed cameras that issue tickets are not located in AL, FLAlabama and Florida. Georgia allows speed cameras effective May 8, or GA. Do not map this type of camera2018. Only red light Work with a senior editor when placing and approving cameras are used in all three states.
=== Other Camera Types ===
[ Waze Forums (USA)]
==Proposed Wazeopedia Changes==
Anyone who wishes to propose additions, changes, or corrections to the SER wazeopedia should send a DM to a State Manager and Regional Coordinator (listed below) with the proposed addition or change along with the reasons why (as appropriate). The SER leadership team will then review, discuss, and make a decision on the proposal.
== Key Southeast Region Editors ==
{| border="1" cellpadding="2"}|- bgcolor=#A0E6FF style="height: 40px;" bgcolor="#a0e6ff"! scopewidth="col200" widthscope="200ptcol" | Username! scopewidth="col25" widthscope="25ptcol" | Rank! scopewidth="col25" widthscope="25ptcol" | PM! scopewidth="col400" widthscope="400ptcol" | Area Managed! scopewidth="col150" widthscope="150ptcol" | Comments
|- align="center"
| style="height: 40px;" bgcolor="#7cb9e8" colspan="5" | [[File:Badge GlobalChamp.png|35px]] '''Champs'''
|- align="center" style=bgcolor=#FFFF31 style="height: 60px;"
| [ driving79] || 6 || [ PM] || United States <br /> '''Southeast Regional Coordinator'''|| [[File:Badge GlobalChamp.png|30px]]<br /> Global Champ <br /> FL Resident
| colspan- align="5center" style="height: 40px60px;" bgcolor| [ itzwolf] || 6 || [ PM] || United States <br /> '''Southeast Assistant Regional Coordinator''' || [[File:Badge CountryManagerLocalChamp.png|35px30px]] '''Country Managers'''<br /> Local Champ <br /> FL Resident
|- align="center" style=bgcolor=#FFFF31"height: 60px;"| [ driving79Jakflash Jakflash] || 6 || [ Jakflash PM] || United States || [[File:Badge LocalChamp.png|30px]] <br /> Local Champ <br /> '''Southeast Regional Coordinator'''FL Resident |- align="center" style="height: 60px;"| https[ spankdog] || 6 || [http:/9/ PM] || United States || [[File:Badge LocalChamp.png/|30px-Badge_LocalChamp.png ]]<br /> Local Champ <br /> FL GA Resident
|- align="center" bgcolor="#7cb9e8"| colspan="5" style="height: 40px;"| [http[file:// spankdogpng|35px] || 6 || [ PM] || United States || <br /> Local Champ <br /> GA Resident'''State Managers'''
|- align="center" style="height: 40px45px;"| [ banishedn4dog n4dog] || 6 5 || [ n4dog PM] || United States Alabama || <br /> Global Champ <br /> FL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 50px45px;"| [ ggraneardan74 ardan74] || 5 || [ ardan74 PM] || United States Florida || FL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ ramblinwreck_81] || 5 || [ PM] || Florida || GA Resident
|- align="center" bgcolorstyle=#7CB9E8"height: 45px;"| [ red-nax] || 5 || [ PM] || Florida || GA Resident|- | colspan- align="5center" style="height: 40px45px;"| [ willdanneriv] || 5 || [filehttp:Badge_StateManager// PM] || Florida ||35px]] '''State Managers'''FL Resident|-
|- align="center" style="height: 40px45px;"| [ bruceqcRainMan3699 RainMan3699] || 5 || [ RainMan3699 PM] || AL Georgia || AL GA Resident|-
|- align="center" style="height: 60px45px;"| [ jakflashspedracr spedracr] || 5 || [ spedracr PM] || AL, FL, GA<br /> Georgia || FL GA Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 60px45px;"| [ keepfsusafewestjacksonfd westjacksonfd] || 5 || [ westjacksonfd PM] || AL, FL, GA <br /> Special Events, Projects & Emergencies Georgia || FL GA Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 50px45px;"| [ spedracrxkspeed xkspeed] || 5 || [ xkspeed PM] || GA Georgia || GA Resident
|- align="center" bgcolor="#7cb9e8"| colspan="5" style="height: 40px;"| [[file:Badge_CountryManager.png|35px]] '''Country Managers''' |- align="center" style="height: 80px45px;"| [ t0cableguyggrane ggrane] || 5 || [ ggrane PM] || AL, FL, GA United States || FL /MO Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ n4dogramblinwreck_81 ramblinwreck_81] || 4 5 || [ ramblinwreck_81 PM] || AL United States || FL GA Resident <br />
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ red-naxwilldanneriv willdanneriv] || 4 5 || [ willdanneriv PM] || GA United States || GA FL Resident <br />
|- align="center" bgcolor=#7CB9E8 style="height: 40px;" bgcolor="#7cb9e8"
| colspan="5" | [[file:Badge_AreaManager.png|35px]] '''Area Managers'''
|- align="center" bgcolor=#F5DEB3 style="height: 35px;" bgcolor="#f5deb3"
| colspan="5" | [[file:Alabama.png|15px]] '''ALABAMA'''
|- style="height: 40px;" bgcolor="#a0e6ff"! width="200" scope="col" | Username! width="25" scope="col" | Rank! width="25" scope="col" | PM! width="400" scope="col" | Area Managed! width="150" scope="col" | Comments|- align="center"  |- align="center" style="height: 40px45px;"| [ BruceQC] || 5 || [ PM] || Statewide || Local Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ heyblueDCLemur DCLemur] || 5 || [ DCLemur PM] || Statewide || AL NC Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ jbrianjfjsawicki fjsawicki] || 4 5 || [ fjsawicki PM] || Gulf Coast <br Statewide || FL Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ RainMan3699] || 5 || [>(Mobile, Gulf Shores) ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&username=RainMan3699 PM] || North Alabama || GA Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ jlspence99BLKTRUC BLKTRUC] || 4 || [ BLKTRUC PM] || Southwest Central <br /> (MontgomeryB'ham-Jefferson, Shelby, Selma& Surrounding Counties )|| FL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ dastars6] || 4 || [ PM] || Southeast <br /> (Auburn, Dothan) || GA Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ subbiebrzjbrianj jbrianj] || 4 || [ jbrianj PM] || East CentralGulf Coast <br /> (RoanokeMobile, HeflinGulf Shores) || Local FL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ young7up] || 4 || [ PM] || North <br /> (Huntsville, Gadsden) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
|[ FalloutRanger] || 3 || [ PM] || Montgomery || FL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ heyblue] || 3 || [ PM] || Statewide || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ RivrGuy] || 3 || [ PM] || Gulf Coast <br />(Mobile, Gulf Shores) || MS Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ jeepintodd] || 2 || [ PM] || Montgomery || GA Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ Skulllzzcode] || 3 || [ PM] || Mid-Central Alabama
|| FL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ tigger10390] || 3 || [ PM] || Dothan and surrounding areas || NY Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ wxw777] || 3 || [ PM] || B'ham region
|| WI Resident
|- align="center" bgcolorstyle="height: 45px;"| [ LookBothWaaze] || 3 || [ PM] || Central AL || PA Resident|- |- align=#F5DEB3 "center" style="height: 40px;" bgcolor="#f5deb3"
| colspan="5" | [[file:Florida.png|20px]] '''FLORIDA'''
|- style="height: 40px;" bgcolor="#a0e6ff"
! width="200" scope="col" | Username
! width="25" scope="col" | Rank
! width="25" scope="col" | PM
! width="400" scope="col" | Area Managed
! width="150" scope="col" | Comments
|- align="center"
 |- align="center" style=bgcolor=#FFFF31 style="height: 60px;"| [ banished] || 6 || [ PM] || Southeast <br /> (Panhandle)|| [[File:Badge GlobalChamp.png|30px]]<br /> Global Champ <br /> FL Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ BruceQC] || 5 || [ PM] || Statewide || AL Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ bmtgdbsooner dBsooner] || 5 || [ dBsooner PM] || North Peninsula Southeast <br /> (TampaWest Palm, OrlandoFt Lauderdale, GainesvilleMiami) || OK Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ DCLemur] || 5 || [ PM] || Statewide || NC Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ fjsawicki] || 5 || [ PM] || Florida || Local Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ gOyDp] || 5 || [ PM] || Central and Eastern Florida || Local Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ juliansean] || 5 || [ PM] || Southeast <br /> (West Palm, Ft Lauderdale, Miami) || TX Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ LostRiver2008] || 5 || [ PM] || Big Bend <br /> (Tallahassee, Lake City, Cedar Key) || Local Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ aestewamrbyte_ontheroad mrbyte_ontheroad] || 4 5 || [ mrbyte_ontheroad PM] || Southeast Central FL <br /> (MiamiDaytona, Ft LauderdaleOcala, Spring Hill, Orlando) || Local Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ red-nax] || 5 || [ PM] || South Florida || GA Resident |- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ robert04101] || 5 || [ PM] || Southeast <br /> (West Palmto Homestead) || ME Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ tcalvert317] || 5 || [ PM] || South Florida || TX Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ bassdan7403] || 4 || [ PM] || Alachua County <br /> (Gainesville) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ crew_restbreadstk11 breadstk11] || 4 || [ breadstk11 PM] || Southwest Central <br /> (RuskinBrevard, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Port CharlotteSeminole, ImmokaleeVolusia Counties) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ fjsawickidrudoyle DruDoyle] || 4 || [ drudoyle PM] || Tampa Bay <br /> (St. Pete, New Port Richey) Mid to South Florida & Panhandle || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ itzwolfemilgz EmilGz] || 4 || [ emilgz PM] || Eastern Peninsula <br /> (Jax, Daytona Bch, Miami, Key West) South Florida || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;"
| [ jbrianj] || 4 || [ PM] || Western Panhandle <br />(Pensacola, Panama City) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ mrbyte_ontheroadjellicle0 jellicle0] || 4 || [ jellicle0 PM] || East Central <br /> (Brevard CountyOrlando) || UT Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ TheGridExe] || 4 || [ PM] || Southwest <br /> (Bradenton, Sarasota, Port Charlotte) || Local Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ yellowmellowyellow] || 4 || [ PM] || South Florida <br /> (Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Ft Myers) || Local Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ decktj001] || 3 || [ PM] || Brandon / Tampa || Local Resident|- |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"|[ FalloutRanger] || 3 || [ PM] || St. Augustine || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ n4dogfourLoop fourLoop] || 4 3 || [ fourLoop PM] || Central Panhandle Southeast <br />(Destin, Tallahassee, Panama CityWest Palm to Homestead) || Local MO Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ wambulikidkart72 kidkart72] || 4 3 || [ kidkart72 PM] || North Florida <br /> (Duval, Alachua, Clay, Flagler, St John's, Nassau counties) Panama City || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ ardan74MikeyPizzaman MikeyPizzaman] || 3 || [ MikeyPizzaman PM] || Southwest <br /> (Ft. Myers, Naples, Clewiston) Tampa || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ deruguynetguygreen NetGuyGreen] || 3 || [ netguygreen PM] || Western Panhandle Northwest and Central <br /> (PensacolaTallahassee-Gainesville, Gulf BreezeOrlando) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ douglasr007RoadWarriorTech850 RoadWarriorTech850] || 3 || [ RoadWarriorTech850 PM] || Southwest <br /> (Venice - Englewood) Pensacola || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ heladocalienteSusanVette SusanVette] || 3 || [ SusanVette PM] || North Central <br /> (Gainesville - OcalaOrlando, Sanford, Apopka) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ lostriver2008trafficGeekMs trafficGeekMs] || 3 || [ trafficGeekMs PM] || Madison County <br /> (Madison, Greenville, Lee) Pensacola || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ tommynewgunzheka160 zheka160] || 3 || [ zheka160 PM] || Northeast Southwest <br /> (JacksonvilleTampa, Sarasota, Ft. Myers) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [https triordanSkulllzzcode Skulllzzcode] || 3 || [https Skulllzzcode PM] || Northern Tampa Bay <br /> Northeast (TampaJacksonville, New/North TampaSt. Augustine, Land O LakesDaytona, Wesley ChapelPalatka) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ lilsnotCCSO2316 CCSO2316] || 2 || [ CCSO2316 PM] || Citrus County Southeast <br /> (Crystal River) Collier County || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ K-L-BSeaKyle0712 SeaKyle0712] || 2 || [ SeaKyle0712 PM] || Pasco County Ocala and surrounding areas <br /> (Trinity / New Port Richey) Marion County || Local Resident
|- align="center" bgcolor=#F5DEB3 style="height: 40px45px;"| colspan="5" [ SoFlZip] || 2 || [[filehttp:Georgia// PM] |15px]] '''GEORGIA'''| Southeast <br /> (Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade Counties) || Local Resident|-
|- align="center" style="height: 50px45px;"| [ huckdTFPTraffic TFPTraffic] || 5 2 || [ TFPTraffic PM] || Statewide North Tampa <br />(Hernando and Citrus Counties) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 40px;" bgcolor="#f5deb3"
| colspan="5" | [[file:Georgia.png|15px]] '''GEORGIA'''
|- style="height: 40px;" bgcolor="#a0e6ff"
! width="200" scope="col" | Username
! width="25" scope="col" | Rank
! width="25" scope="col" | PM
! width="400" scope="col" | Area Managed
! width="150" scope="col" | Comments
|- align="center"
 |- align="center" style="height: 45px;"| [ xkspeedBruceQC BruceQC] || 5 || [ BruceQC PM] || North <br /> (Dalton, Dahlonega, Hiawassee) Statewide || Local AL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ aestewaDCLemur DCLemur] || 4 5 || [ DCLemur PM] || Lake Lanier <br /> (Dahlonega, Gainesville, Canton) Statewide || Local NC Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ burpee1282dfw_gis dfw_gis] || 4 5 || [ dfw_gis PM] || West Central, Central Southeast <br /> (Carrollton, Fairburn, Warner Robins) Atlanta || Local TX Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ itzwolffjsawicki fjsawicki] || 4 5 || [ fjsawicki PM] || East <br /> (Savannah, Brunswick, Augusta) Florida || FL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ jroman7red-nax red-nax] || 4 5 || [ red-nax PM] || NW Metro Atlanta <br /> (Marietta, Dallas) North Georgia || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ n4dogspedracr spedracr] || 4 5 || [ spedracr PM] || Southwest <br />(Albany, Macon, Columbus) Statewide || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ ramblinwreck_81dastars6 dastars6] || 4 || [ young7up PM] || Metro Atlanta Southwest <br /> (AtlantaBlakely, Colquitt, RoswellColumbus) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ red-naxdrudoyle DruDoyle] || 4 || [ drudoyle PM] || West Central <br /> (Columbus, LaGrange, Fairburn) North Georgia || Local FL Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ wambuliFish1552 fish1552] || 4 || [ Fish1552 PM] || Southeast East Central <br /> (BrunswickDouglas, Dublin, Statesboro) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ amynmCoreyGA CoreyGA] || 3 || [ CoreyGA PM] || Central Atlanta <br /> (LaGrangeSummerville, MaconCarrollton, Millidgevilleand Peachtree City) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ deepsouthdiverDrHenryJonesSr DrHenryJonesSr] || 3 || [ DrHenryJonesSr PM] || North and East Coast <br /> (Atlanta, Savannah, Brunswick) || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ fish1552NightReaper86 NightReaper86] || 3 || [ NightReaper86 PM] || East Central <br /> (Douglas, Dublin, Statesboro) Augusta || Local SC Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ jtbernierNPDChief NPDChief] || 3 || [ NPDChief PM] || N Fulton, S Forsyth <br /> (Alpharetta, Cumming) Atlanta Area || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ outdoorlivingaerazona aerazona] || 3 2 || [ aerazona PM] || North Central <br /> (Cartersville, Dalton, Ellijay) Atlanta || Local Resident
|- align="center" style="height: 45px;" | [ sgtm14rehmedy rehmedy] || 3 2 || [ rehmedy PM] || Greater Augusta NW Atlanta <br /> (AugustaMarietta, Canton, Waynesboroand Alpharetta) || Local Resident
|- align="center"
| [ swg_moto] || 2 || [ PM] || South Central <br /> (Thomasville) || Local Resident
|- align="center"
{{USA Navbox}}
Waze has been designed to be an open community with various levels of editors. Rank 5 and 6 editors are senior editors. They are here to help you and are to be respected at all times. Instructions from senior editors are to be followed, unless it conflicts with this page. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to PM one of the rank 6s or 5s in the list (if you're having a problem with one, please PM the regional coordinators). We will try to handle the issue as quickly and peacefully as possible.| It is not possible to list every occurrence of problems which can occur in the editor, but the following are some examples of what has happened in the past:<ul style="/* insecure input */"><li>Deleting and redrawing roads</li><li>Closing UR's without following this [ flowchart]</li><li>Creating mass amounts of parking lot roads</li><li>Creating roads on top of already existing roads</li><li>Disrespect to higher ranking editors</li><li>Not cleaning up your own mess</li><li>Not responding to private messages</li><li>Willful damage to the map</li><li>Editing just to clear geometry nodes will result in an instant blocking of your editing rights</li></ul> Everyone is allowed one free pass, but disciplinary actions after the first occurrence for the above may include:<ul style="/* insecure input */"><li>Formal mentoring</li><li>Lowering of rank</li><li>Temporary suspension of editing rights</li><li>Permanent suspension of editing rights</li></ul>|}