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* [ ArcGIS Viewer] - GIS viewer that includes selectable basemaps (use streets).
* [ AHTD FC Overlay for ArcGIS] - The overlay provided by AHTD is of older data. Newer data exists; however, there is not an AHTD-provided overlay for it. To use the overlay, click on the "Modify Map" in the upper right corner of ArcGIS. On the left side an "Add+" tab will pop up. Click on it and select "Add Layer from Web" and paste in the URL for the overlay provided by this link.
*[ City Maps] - Arkansas Highways City Maps
*[ County Maps] - Arkansas Highways County Maps
=== Dirt (unpaved/gravel) roads ===
The USA Standard ([[Road_types/USARoad types#FC_cross_reference|matrix table]]) does not specify how to set unpaved road segments, so we define that here. Unpaved roads may or may not be classified in the states' functional classification system. If they are, set the road type according to the functional classification. If they are not, set the road type to Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail.
To stay aligned with the USA Standard, an AR County Road functionally classified as Local, or a Local street classified as a Collector, is still to be set as a Primary Street. A Local street functionally classified by the DOT as Local, is a Street. ''Otherwise, dirt is dirt.'' The majority of dirt roads in Arkansas are not functionally classified.