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== Welcome to Waze Map Editing==
=== Important Information for All Editors ===
If you find a road that does not appear in reality in any way please consult your AM or higher editor before removing the segment. You will always have a better reputation for asking before deleting something.
Review [[Using_external_sources|<big>'''Using External Sources'''</big>]] for more information on this subject.
The southeast has a wiki at [[Southeast#Mapping_Resources_.26_Functional_Classification|<big>'''Southeast Mapping Resources'''</big>]] for editors to use. These have general disclaimers and the satellite images are usually the only portion that is copyright. The parcel data is "at our own risk" and are government records. Due to that we are allowed to use them. If you are outside the southeast region and cannot find whether the source you are using is OK please consult your local Regional Management.
A warning that many do not understand is that when you edit a segment, turn restriction, house number, place, or any other item in waze its yours. This applies whether you edit it yourself or a script edits the item. We have no way of discerning the two. Script edits are YOUR edits!
This means if a fellow editor complains about an item you last edited or updated being wrong it's YOUR problem. You may end up having to defend your edits if you did not perform them to the best of your abilities. At the least this will get you a talking to and an informal mentoring session. At the worst, depending on severity you could have your map editing rights revoked.
Simply stated, You Edit something, You own it, and you will answer for it, and learn how to fix it, or you may suffer a consequence.
This isn't stated to scare you away. This is just a fair warning that you should be willing to LEARN from other editors, whether that is a r1 or a r6. An r1 may have new information you are not aware of so EVERYONE should keep an open mind. There may be learning opportunities from any rank of editor!
====Important Links for ALL USA Editors====
Please review and bookmark these links for important mapping information. They will keep you out of a lot of trouble.
*[ Welcome to WME] is the page for all your starting questions. This is the main jumping point recommended for all editors to start exploring the waze wiki. Make sure to check out the Getting Started page as it will answer most of your questions about how to manipulate things in Waze Map Editor (WME).
*[ Waze Map Editor] This page explains the basic interface of the Waze Map Editor, how to enter practice mode, where to find settings. It also provides a listing of the default shortcuts in the editor.
*[ Map Editor Interface and Controls] Please check here before you ask us how to make a segment or draw a roundabout, or even what a junction node or geometry node is.
 *[ Incorrect Edits_to_avoid_(USA) Editsto avoid] is a page that was created by DwarfLord to have shorter has brief explanations for new editing mistakes on the map. Please review these before you think about editing every row in a parking lot, or mapping every lane on a highway. Don't worry, mistakes happen, just make sure you fix your mistakes! *[ Editing Manual] Another Collection of Links that will help you fully understand the functions available in the Waze Map Editor.
====Slack Team Invites====
[ Waze USA Regions Slack Invite]
Please fill this form out to join the Southeast's Slack Team. We also host Texas and any other users that want to join. This is the main chat platform we use in the southeast waze region. [ Waze International Slack Invite] You can check this form for the International Waze slack team, and various other regional slack teams. Feel free to join them. Slack is now one of the main platform platforms that Wazers USA Waze editors use for chat. Some Another chat system that Waze Editors use is Google Hangouts. for those regions that use Google Hangoutsa user will have to invite you to the group. is Please consult an Area Manager, State Manager or Regional Coordinator to get into the relevant Google Hangout chat platform we (s). =====Fastest Invite Method=====:: Please use in the southeast and some other regions. Waze International is another slack team you may want form for the fastest invite to jointhe USA Regions group.
:: Please send me your email address via the forums if you need an invite. Key editors can get you added to the USA Regions Slack Team instantaneously with no more than your preferred email address, but in lieu of that the form provided above will allow you to get a slack invite link sent to your email 'SOON' .====Glossary====
*[[Glossary]] This is the place to look when you get confused by abbreviations or WME jargon, instead of outing your inexperience, you can look like a champ by knowing what we are talking about! Don't feel left out, we all get confused by abbreviations and acronyms!
====Unlock Requests====
*Requesting unlocks or updates of locked segments or places
::[ US Unlock and Update Requests]
:::Please be sure to follow [ these instructions] on how to successfully post an unlock to the forum. Without following the information you will either get asked for more information or your request may get lost without a state in the listits subject.
=== Important links for Southeast Editors (AL, FL, GA) ===