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=== Alabama ===
Red light cameras are limited to Montgomery. Speed cameras have no laws regulating them.
=== Arkansas ===
*Mobile speed cameras may be in use in construction zones statewide; these cameras should not be mapped.
*Municipalities with a population of 1,000,000 or more may use speed cameras in safety zones (one-eighth mile from school or park). ''The City of Chicago is currently the only Illinois community to qualify for speed camera placement.''
=== Indiana ===
The only cameras allowed under state law are for toll booth areas only for purposes of non payment enforcement.
=== Maryland ===
The [[Maryland#Speed and red light cameras|Maryland]] page has details on local camera systems.
=== Nebraska ===
Red light and speed cameras are illegal in the state of Nebraska. All cameras added to the map should be removed.
=== New Jersey ===
New Jersey is piloting a Red-Light-Running (RLR) camera program at authorized intersections in select municipalities throughout the state. Further information, including a document describing all authorized intersections within the state, can be found [ here].