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Important Information for All Editors
Please review and bookmark these links for important mapping information. They will keep you out of a lot of trouble.
*[ Welcome to WME]This is the page for all your starting questions. Please check here before you ask us how to make a segment or draw a roundabout, or even what a junction node or geometry node is. This is the main jumping point reccomended for all editors to start exploring the waze wiki. Make sure to check out the Getting Started page as it will answer most of your questions about how to manipulate things in Waze Map Editor (WME).
*[ Incorrect Edits]This is a page that was created by DwarfLord to have shorter explanations for new editing mistakes on the map. Don't worry, mistakes happen, just make sure you fix your mistakes!
*[ Waze Slack Invite]Slack is now the main platform that Wazers use for chat. There are some regions that use Google Hangouts but is the main chat platform for the United States, and much of the english speaking editing community.
There are some editors that can get you added to the Slack Channel instantaneously with no more than your preferred email address, but in lieu of that the form linked above will eventually get you a slack invite link sent to your email.